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  1. Lol fair enuff mate I'm looking at coming across on the 10th. Sorry to be a pain what year is it and if you could please tell me a bit about it once again sorry for being a pain. Cheers Dave
  2. G'day Darcy any chance of sending me some pics of the mari 4.3 and maybe the hobie 18 I'm going to try and get up there next weeken. Cheers Dave
  3. Gday one and all just wondering if any has or knows of any learning recourse ie. Books or DVDs, websites any help would be great. Cheers dave
  4. hi mate can u please send me some pics Cheers Dave
  5. hi mate can u please send me some pics Cheers Dave
  6. Than so much for your feed back I weigh 85-90 I was looking for something that I can have one or two up. I'm more than happy to travel to find a good buy and I don't mind paying for something good aswell. I would like keep this boat for a year then maybe get a nacra f16 that's the dream. cheers Dave
  7. Hi one and all I'm trying to get back into sailing I want get another cat I have time so I don't mind a project but I live in parkes nsw so I have lake congelico but the sailing club there hasn't got back to me yet. I'm looking for a f16 I like nacras I used to have a 5.2 and it was great so any help would be great Cheers Dave
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