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  1. Nup it lifts the nose right up out of the water. If you don't sit a bit forward she looks like a plane taking off. Lol
  2. My Foamy with new sails and kite kit looks like a million bucks, i reckon every windy sailor should make the move. Downwind is more exciting than up wind now. Doing the Wild thing all the way to the botton mark is awsome. Flying past the start/Finish boat on one hull is a stylish way to finish a race if you ask me. Just my two cents worth. The best advertising in my book is showing up with a swish Boat. PS - those Wetas are fast in the right hands.
  3. Hey Steve, google image search hobie 16 trapeze. It's almost the same as the windie. There should be a good diagram online.
  4. Maybe it's the loose nut at the end of the stick? Lol
  5. Far out if I want to talk about it with you I ask you at the club. Lol I'll accept 86 as a fair stick. Brett reckons it's fair.
  6. Nah broke the spinnaker Shute last week. Might take a week off. Where about's do you sail? I'm at Jervoise bay
  7. So YV reckons that a windrush 14 SS square top with spinnaker is as fast around the course as a hobie 16?
  8. Ok folks what's a reasonable yardstick for windrush 14 SS with spinnaker. I think it's the same as the nacra 430 but I've been wrong in the past.... Lol 86 sounds fair to me, what does everyone reckon? Cheers gazereth
  9. Yeah i saw your vids George, might have to get me a GoPro too they look like fun. The kite is great fun and i think everyone fit enough should have one. They would be good also for those skippers who sail with a crew. Give them something to do on the boring downwind legs. I won't be able to make the states, i have to work, however i would like to come down south and see you guys at Denmark and Walpole sometime. Cheers Gazereth
  10. Good stuff. The kite and things doesn't seem to add all that much weight. Setup time adds about 10 mins if you get it right the first time. Hopefully Brett and I will streamline that a bit with some clips instead of shackles. Sheeting angles don't seem to matter too much, just stick to a broad reach and sail to the kite. Come around the top mark, ease the traveler and the jib about 10cm, lean forward and pull like stink on the halyard, grab the sheet and retreat to the corner of the tramp. Tack downwind at about the same angle as upwind. Same when retrieving the kite, lean forward and pull
  11. Anyone have any idea what the yardstick would be for these? Cheers Gazereth
  12. One or two depends. Most of the windies are further south
  13. First sail of the season, new rags and brand new spin kit. She flys.... Cheers Gazereth
  14. Hi Jason I have a hobie 16 and a windrush 14 foamie. I'll have to come and have a look next season. Cheers Gareth
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