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  1. a bit far for me to check out and haul all the bits. Maybe think about the jib though. Whollsee
  2. hey Brennos..where are you based on south coast? Cheers Whollsee
  3. Did you spy it or take a punt on a convo? Love to see pics once you take delivery.
  4. Funnnn... what was the wind doing? Can see you mostly watching the lee side bow judging by the head cam. I would be.
  5. Yep be good to hear first hand experience. Someone should buy this [i reckon you could name your price] and start a refurb thread....umm I'm busy right now...
  6. Ok now I am interested!!!! i think you are right on going by that profile.
  7. Seen this a couple of times driving past Blackwattle Bay Syd [end of [Johnstone st]. Anyone ID it? "For Sale" not at all interested just curious. Crap on the fly photos sorry.
  8. Good driver training would suggest to not turn your wheels until you are actually executing the turn so you don't get shunted into oncoming traffic. Even better advice for the "shunting"driver is not to run up someone's arse. Don't know the circumstances so just gas bagging but rotten luck for Peter as you say.
  9. Neville - around the corner in Lilyfield if you want to come and have a look at my set up. Mob 0411 441 023 [andrew]. Launch nearby too when i'm cat sailing on harbour. You can lift mast straight up and in which you are gonna have to do now anyway judging by your pics of the busted bits. http://www.hobiecat.com.au/pdf/sailing/e_h14manual.pdf stepping guide at link above but there are better methods based on what is there. Might have some s/h bits and pieces willing to sell you if needed. Darcy in previous post probably would have some bits too.
  10. Great. Much appreciate the info Scotti. Big help. Got the wheels so not a problem. Hey that vid is really good and a classic bit of '"yacht rock" to top it off. Nice looking Mari too. Only thing missing was a rainbow! I'll definitely take my cameras. Are you based down there? If you are I am more than a little envious. Can't wait. Cheers, Whollsee
  11. Hiya- I will find myself in Vincentia for a week in mid March for a much needed break with the GF and was gonna take the H14 down with us to tool around the bay, beach hop, get some decent line and length, hopefully smack my skills up and tune the boat a bit. Only been Syd Harbour lately and it's a little frustrating. Anyway, from some cursory research it looks like the place to launch is at Plantation Point near the VSC. If that is the case is it possible to leave the boat rigged on the beach there over my stay? Would really save me a lot of grief so if anyone on here is a member of the club
  12. Mate be afraid. You'd drop another 20K into that before you even left Canarvon then you'd step back and look at it and you wouldn't be able to tell where you spent it. Checked it out on boatsales.com.au. Don't know if it is a genuine Seawind 31 or not but by comparison there's another 1991 [sydney] on boatsales that looks the goods above and below decks and at 69k asking one could get lucky and get it for 50k or maybe less if they negotiated well and start cruising immediately with all the gear at hand. Don't get me wrong, I love wasting my bucks on bargain boats but it's a game of diminishing
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