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  1. I do it every year, but did last year with my 6yo son - with the square head and asymmetric kite rig. We won the multi division by a mile - beating Nacra 58s, Hobie 18/16s, Taipans, and all but the Bones (Taipan w/ kite) on scratch (and obviously rating!). They ended up dropping our yardstick as far as 79 before deciding that we won it fair and square! Will be doing it again this year with the same setup - might run a slightly bigger kite!!!
  2. Jimbo - have you heard of Duralac? Anytime dissimilar metals are in contact it's imperative if you ever want to remove them again. I thought everyones boat toolbox had the green shit spilt on it!
  3. Any results up Darcy? I hear a 40yo Mk1 sloop gave the foamies a bit of a touch-up...
  4. Mount the bunnings caravan track with the flat side up to avoid the ugly lump - ends up looking almost identical to the flat strap. The extrusion also has nice bevels on the underside which arguably look better than the alloy strap. The proper track moulding will be kinder on the bolt rope of the tramp and if the rope is sized correctly and not just cheap poly silver rope, it will never pull out. For extra bling factor, you can even use 5mm fibreglass rod instead of rope to hold the tramp in. Fasten with stainless self tappers, and if you drill your holes the correct size pilots into the
  5. Correction on the date!!! FEB 22/23 - Booti Booti Cup Great Lakes Sailing Club (Forster) http://www.greatlakessailingclub.yachting.org.au/
  6. Annual Booti Booti Cup. Anyone is welcome. Normally 2 races each day. Prizes are glory and bragging rights. Camping at club. Beer all night. Good food.
  7. Hey guys. You are welcome anytime for a visit. 2pm start (or thereabouts) every Saturday. We will all be at Great Lakes (Forster) for Feb 15/16 - I'll have the Maricat there. Might be a couple of Arrows from Port too. Only other weekend we will be away is the 8/9 March for the MG State titles.
  8. Happy to do you another good deal for Queens Lake. Anzac Day long weekend would be doable. There has been a bit of work clearing oyster leases since everyone was last up, so launching is easier. Bit more sand on the beach too.
  9. 2 Maricats (1 SS, 1 cat), 2 windies, 4 PTs, a couple of Nacra 430s. All were well sailed and places swapped regularly. Saturday on scratch, I won the first race easily, Marko won the second walking away upwind in the shifts on the last beat. HEAPS of jellyfish and quite a bit of weed made it a lucky dip at times. Great breeze, well run starts, courses were fair - a bit deep on the 2nd triangle leg if you want to get picky! Port Kembla club, as always, put on an exemplary canteen, friendly facilities and easy rigging and parking. (Be nice to clear a few of the oyster ridden rocks off the wes
  10. It's ok. I'll be there flying the flag. Takes more than a Windy to scare me away. Always love going past them on a slower, badly designed, yardstick ruining, old fashioned and uncool looking, heavy old Maricat.
  11. The order was for a Hobie 18. You could drop a purchase out easily if you only want 6:1. Or add an extra single block at the top for 8:1.
  12. A customer has gone awol, so I have an unopened set of 57mm Harken air blocks for sale. 1 x HK2632 1 x HK2605 14m x 10mm Black Double Braid This will suit almost any off the beach cat - the ultimate system upgrade that is the absolute best gear for the job. $600 delivered anywhere in AUS. Rohan 0419 211 660
  13. It's not a 'Maricat' problem, it is the same for every cat which has a dolphin striker wire. What do you expect to happen? Either the beam is going to break, or the next supporting item down the chain. When your 3yo shroud breaks and the rig falls down, do you blame the mast? Replacing standing rigging - which includes sages wire dolphin strikers, bridles, etc - every 2 years is cheap easy maintenance. I'd wouldn't be surprised if an insurance company refused to pay out for lack of care and laziness on an owners part.
  14. Give me a call for the Windy race sail and I will bring it down with me.
  15. I look forward to you giving me 2min head start at the Kembla Klassic!
  16. Unfortunately, I've got to go to Sydney as my father-in-law is in hospital. Sorry I can't come and play. Thanks in advance to Speers Point for supporting the 14s - I hope your effort is duly rewarded.
  17. I have a mk1 glass boat that is overweight. Nothing to do with boat ownership - my view is about preserving the class rules. As I said above, there is as much case as adding 6in of hull length, or more sail area, to old boats if you start down that path of putting differentials in the Class Constitution. There are what, 5 foam boats? Hardly a pimple on a pumpkin of the several hundred sailable all GRP 'classics'. Turn up at events, and majority rules as far as racing like-for-like goes. It's not like you are going to win a sheep station or an instant place on an AC team if you win the Ma
  18. I'll second motion 1. Rohan Nosworthy. --------- I can't second motion 2, as it is effectively creating another class of Maricat which is in essence against the constitution of the class. There are one set of class rules - which have had core parameters (length, width, etc, plus weight) the same since it's inception. Changing any of these is changing the class at its core. You might as well give boats weighing >107kg a dispensation to have a larger sail area. Let handicap systems at events sort out any variances between boats - don't change or add to the class rules to quieten those wh
  19. So is it worth me hooking up the Maricat, or am I going to end up racing around on my own if I do?
  20. Hey Tony, If it is one Weta, at one club, just sort it out with club handicaps. It is highly unlikely one small club is going to have the National champions in all the classes competing - this is what performance yardsticks are based. There are probably only half a dozen laser sailors who can race at 112.5 - but because that is the yardstick, do you still apply it at club level? Most lasers at clubs would be lucky to be at 120, and that is being generous. Have a good old season rolling handicap that adjusts for race wins and big losses, and it will average itself out over the season. Unles
  21. Grip tape - 3M step tread in the Grey colour from Bunnings. Don't use the black, it will take your skin off in strips. The White will sand you away! About $15 for a 5m roll. Clean the deck with acetone or similar first, and it will be there for years.
  22. Clearly a couple of 'misinterpretations' going on with rig controls and interactions here! I'm not going to go on a full 'my theory of rig control' in this forum, but needless to say, you need to look up and see what happens when you pull strings. I would be happy to give anyone a run thru on 'my opinion' at the next Maricat event if anyone is interested. (And, as they say 'opinions are like A$$h0les - everybody has one!') Be great to hear from a few others on their experiences, as it will build on the pool of knowledge and let the thinkers and doers go and find out what works best for th
  23. That's definitely Scott, not me. I didn't have my mast de-rotate once in the whole weekend - actually haven't had it happen even once since I have worked out how to sail these things! (As a reference, I weighed 80kg exactly in shorts on the weekend) It usually happens as a result of the draft shifting back in the sail, back winding the main, and the battens beginning to pull backwards on the mast. Generous amounts of Cunningham and pulling out the foot when conditions get to that should sort it. This will also twist and blade the power off from the top of the sail, and in conjunction with th
  24. OldJimbo. 2 - I'm a bit more optimistic than that. I race every Easter in 70 boat fleets in the NS14's, and thats in a 2 hander that is highly technical, costs $16K new, and need to be taken care of. The Maricat is basic, cheap, strong, has a huge availability of boats, and can be sailed 1, 2, or even 3 up with kids if you want. A bit more work from all involved in the Maricat class, at club and association level, and 100 boats is not out of the question. 3. I simply don't get the paranoia over masts in the Maricats. They are the most over-engineered section you could ever choose for a 14f
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