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  1. Hi All, Just a reminder that the NSW Nacra Super Series kicks off this weekend (23/24 Oct 2010) at Speers Point. Mitch
  2. Neil .. You've left a digit off your phone number. Drop me an email at uhmb1607@gmail.com Mitch
  3. Hi Chris, Go to Bunnings and get a hack saw for $5. Then you're in for some shaping. I may have the top two as spares. Let me know how you go. Mitch
  4. Hi All, Nacra 5.8 for sale (sail 644), $1500 no trailer. Happy to sell trailer and rollers as well for right price. Will list everything included ASAP. uhmb1607@gmail.com 0419 699378 SOLD .. thanks Darcy Mitch
  5. Hi All, I am selling dryzabone, sail 644 for $1500 without trailer. Happy to include trailer and rollers for right price. I will list everything included ASAP. Thanks Darcy
  6. NOTICE OF SERIES 2009/2010 Nacra NSW Super Series The Organizing Authority is the NSW Nacra Catamaran Association. 1. Rules: a. The series will be governed by the current rules as defined in the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2009/12, the special regulations of Yachting Australia and by the Sailing Instructions of each regatta; b. Rule 44.1 is changed so that the two turn penalty is replaced by a one turn penalty; c. The Prescriptions and Specials Regulations of Yachting Australia Inc will apply; d. The rules of the Nacra Class Association will apply. 2. Venue(s) The 2009/2010 Nacra NS
  7. Hi Grant, The committee has certainly been taking note of all that's been put to us over the previous few seasons as to how to improve the Super Series and the number of Nacras around the joint. Something to bear in mind, is that we have had many times more good things said to us about how things have been run over anything else we have heard, read or anybody has said to us. What I'm getting to is that we do listen, and if an idea will make life easier and improve the number and quality of Nacra sailors in NSW, whilst supporting as many clubs as we can then we will try to integrate it into
  8. Guys, Scoring last year was based on ISAF Appendix A, with the exception of: The definition of DNS, which extended the starting area to the beach, and; The addition of a DNA (Did Not Attend) score to differentiate between a boat that showed up but missed a race due to repairs and a boat that did not show up at all. The States were scored at half points for the Super Series to ensure that they counted towards the total (because the larger number of boats would mean that round became the dropped round for most boats). At the moment, I am intending that the scoring will be the same, but keep
  9. Hi All, Here are the rounds for this season's NSW Super Series. Speers Point - 24/25 Oct Wallerawang - 14/15 Nov Lake Illawarra - 28/29 Nov Mannering Park - 23/24 Jan Kurnell - 28th Feb South West Rocks - To be confirmed The State Titles will be held on Lake Illawarra 28/29 Nov. Mitch NSW Nacra Assoc [This message has been edited by dryzabone 644 (edited 22 August 2009).]
  10. Hi Guys, Where is it being held? I will be up that way and wouldn't mind having a go if I can get there. Mitch
  11. Chris, Email me your phone number at uhmbnacra@optusnet.com.au Mitch [This message has been edited by dryzabone 644 (edited 11 May 2009).]
  12. They are circular with TUIT written in the centre.
  13. Great News Darcy, Can you please get them to send an email to uhmbnacra@optusnet.com.au so I can include them on any circulars (when I get off my behind and get a couple out). Mitch Secretary NSW Nacra Assoc.
  14. Hi Wangiboy, Sorry to burst your bubble on that idea, but under the Nacra class rules, unless you break something, you have to sail the regatta with the gear you start with. It's not something that might normally even be notice or enforced, but the rule is in there. Mitch
  15. [This message has been edited by dryzabone 644 (edited 28 March 2009).]
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