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  1. Thanks for the replys. Balmoral is fine for launching a cat. It's better if you have beach wheels, (a long drag over the beach without them.) I've recently moved to Darwin. Much easier to launch from the sailing club here, and not rigging each time if you park it at the club. Not as cheap but great convenience. I love Sydney but here I can go for a quick sail without the hassle. Mike
  2. Has anyone got a spare set of cleat jaws for a swivel cleat. Metal or plastic ok. Will save me buying a whole new swivel cleat. The jaws i'm looking for are not currently in production. thanks mike
  3. Yes, that would be me. It's the original sail but in good condition. Might see you down there sometime. I'm planning on doing a bit of sailing over summer. Saves a gym membership too, dragging the cat back up the beach...
  4. Today was my first sail on a Maricat. I bought it about 6 weeks ago and have had it set up a couple of times, but today was the first time in the water at Balmoral Beach. It's an old cat, sail #1125 but in ok condition. Took a while to set up (cat rig), but once on the water, a great experience. The cleat for the traveller broke, so that made me work a little harder. Thanks to the community on this forum for providing some great info, and to the Concord/Ryde sailing club for letting me set up the cat there and having a look over it for me. At last I'm on the water and looking forward to a grea
  5. I've had a look at Balmoral this week. There's no driving allowed on the reserve, do you just unhitch your trailer and push it over the grass to the beach, and then leave the trailer on the grass area? Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi, Can anyone advise a location that's easy to launch a Maricat onto Sydney Harbour. North shore or Northern Beaches preferred. I had a look at Clontarf and The Spit, neither are really easy to launch from. Is Balmoral an option, or Greenwich or Woolwich. Any advice appreciated. I don't have beach wheels and will be launching solo, so really need a beach area next to a boat ramp, or similar. Thanks Mike S
  7. Just insured my Maricat 4.3 for $3500 agreed value with Tudor for $195. Thanks to this forum for the tip. Tudor were the only company that knew boats... to use a cliche. I wanted to insure for less, but for the same price they increased the value to ensure that I could replace any damaged parts with new parts if required. Great Service.
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