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  1. Division 1 is well off the pace too, looks like they are last seasons yardsticks and have not been updated. been to a few regatta's where the people running the show didn't have much of an idea about yardsticks. I would send them an email with a link to the current vyc with a short note to say something about them being updated. not much you can do now but it would be nice going forward to be using the correct vyc's
  2. You do realise there is no such product as "Ronstan Gel Coat Protector" do you perhaps mean the polish?
  3. given the number of cheap windrush 14's on ebay and gumtree i reckon your best bet is a donor boat, just look for something with a good set of hulls and shagged sails. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-windrush/k0?fromSearchBox=true
  4. put EVA foam over the offending area, softer grippier and far more pleasant to deal with.
  5. http://www.whirlwindsails.com/store/p82/Hobie_14_Mainsail_X2_Squarehead.html
  6. Hi Simon, AUS25 is a Capricorn /C1 there are a couple of C2's for sale on the Australian f18 website. www.ausf18.org.au
  7. Hi Tony, Looks like we still have a few months until the 2015-2016 ratings come out. I truly hope they take onboard the comments that were made last season about some of their ratings. the F18 community was not at all pleased by splitting the class and giving handicaps to older designs like the hobie tiger ans ahpc capricorn. The entire system is derived from the F18's as the zero boat. which is a pretty fair call, they are already the scratch boat in most handicap systems for catamarans in the world for good reason. the thing of it is F18's sail almost exclusively windward leeward cours
  8. and everyone get's free bundy rum? ew yuck btw!
  9. about a season old, very good condition, one patch repair. $500 email darren at catsailor.org or 0407 486 381 can deliver to victoria next week.
  10. Chris wants a little more than the budget allows, hoping to pick up a good boat a shade cheaper.
  11. Looking for a AHPC Capricorn, need to be ready to race, no trailer required, budget 7ish K prefer Victorian boat, may travel to NSW for right boat. 0407 486 381
  12. http://www.hobiecat.com.au/sail/bravo/ ticks most of those box's pretty well
  13. Thanks for the update Bevo, thought it would be mast related. the jib setting make such a minor difference to the way the boat sails. If you can string 4 wins together at the nats you will be going well! see you there!
  14. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
  15. Have you pulled the diamond wires off the mast and checked to see if the section is straight? it may have more tension on one side due to a bend. would also be good to check the diamond wires them selves are the same length as well as the side shrouds are even.
  16. So what are you boys going to sail next?
  17. well that didn't take long, I did look like really good value
  18. Is it the system where you pull once to cleat then pull again to uncleat?
  19. Love the red theme! looks great! is that an IFL/Oxen block on the mainsheet? Had one of those on the a-class back in the day, dangerous thing it was :(
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