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  1. Cheers Prince. That all makes sense FWIW my wire has failed at the spring end and the wire is intact what is the attachment? Other thing is the wire is still attached to the rudder box but is very corroded. What is the attachment there?
  2. Hey Darcy can you pleas put up a basic description cause I'm due to do mine as well. My springs and elbows are all good figure I'll check the rollers when I do the wire?
  3. Hey brains trust. My boats not here and I want to replace the mainsheet. How long is it?
  4. http://www.catsailor.net/index.php?/topic/6101-windrush-changes-over-the-years-mk2/
  5. My hulls ARE well sealed and there is always a bit of water after a couple of HOURS that drains out. NO EDIT BUTTON?
  6. Yes someone here did it last year. They used from memory 20- 30 noodles. He used silicon spray to slip them in through the standard access hatch. The weight increase was not significant. My big concern is I have seen noodles water logged. You squeeze them and the water runs out like a wettex. Maybe he won't have that problem because they are sealed in the hull but it concerns me. My hulls ate well sealed and there is always a bit of water after a couple of water that drains out.
  7. I suugestbyou keep it tatty that way its a sleeper. Rock up to the comp and blow them away. Seriously tho I leave mine out the front of the house and it won't be stolen I bet if I tarted her up she'd disappear one night.
  8. Thanks gents will have a squiz this weekend. Aldo thanks for the CD idea. That will also work a treat on my trailer sailed.
  9. I'm having hassles gettingthe rudders to drop down. They have always been finnicky but seem worse lately. I have checked the centre bolt tension and they move very freely. I have also loosened the uphaul ropes off and pulled it down through the tube so it is completely slack, as you cann see they don't even have that friction. I sail a lot off beaches, not big surf but definitely wind swell so I can't screw around trying to get them down. Lately all I can do is stall the boat and wriggle the rudder to try and get them to drop. I must be missing somethig here, or is their some elastic thing
  10. Thanks for the post and upload, looks like a hoot. Some nice screaming runs there!
  11. ^ +1. I run mine about 20'ish. The suspension doesn't do much!
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