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    Hi Im ,Steve,, a passionate and positive,, young at heart ,Fit and very active , honest ,and faithful man ,,who Loves every thing about life. I also enjoy the out doors camping ,,fishing , and love nature ,animals of all kinds ,large and small ,I enjoy all out door activities .that include water ,also bushwalking ,, absailing ,rock climbing ,,caving , ect . Meeting new poeple and making friends is always great too , I love to travel and explore new places and countries .The water is special for me ,i love water sking ,,surfing ,, sailboarding ,jetsking ,and sailing .i have a master class5 skippers cert and have explored the northrern coast line of aust ,a lot and found some awsome hidden bays and places , that few people have ever been .Im a sponge ,,my brain is anyway I have been blessed with a lot of experience , information ,and knowlage ,im very gratefull for all i have .and love to share it .,,,
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    Mackay ,,north Queensland ,, Australia
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    all water sports ,,show sking , ect
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    hobie 18 & nacra 18 sq
  1. Hi guys let me know ,how the sail hunt is going ,,there are a few hobies ect around ,,also theres a few sails on ebay for a mari cat now ,, if you get a sail let me know ,,stormdog
  2. Hi Clarky Im steve , ,there is a sailing club here at the marina ,i think there are a few cat sailers there ,what type of boat do you have ?? i have a hobie 18 and a nacra 18 sq curently upgrading , to run a jib & spinn ,there are plenty of places to sail here ,,harbour ,, and ,kinchant dam is also good place to sail ,,drop me a line ,if youre interested in going out for a sail .
  3. Hi Im steve I have sailed a hobie 18 for many years and had a lot of good times ,i know very little about nacras !! ,but have recently purchased a nacra 18 sq ,,I think ,,any way ,, firstly how do you identify the boat corectly ,, ? the guy i bought it from says he knows little ,,and the previous owner little also .. it has some numbers, name on the back beam ,, aries 15.8 ..but the sail has 18 sq on it ?? i can see a hull id number on the stb transom ..Will this help ,,and where do i search .,, all help and advice greatly appriciated . Thanks
  4. Hi Im steve im in mackay ,,interested in the harnesses ,what kg ,,waiste size do they suit ,,do they adjust much ?
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