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  1. Hi it is a mess that photo was taken from a small town just south of Tully called Cardwell. It was and still is one the best places on earth
  2. Hi macka give John Kersh a ring at Warnervale Fibreglass Products he does most hobie repairs at a good price and is very good workmanship He is at Wyee Point 02 43591460 or 0438591460 Hope this helps Bill King
  3. Mitch8585 give Darcy Wilson a ring on 43591729 he will be able to find you a boat. He has a few for sail as well. He lives at Mannering Park.
  4. All hobie 16's on the central coast or Newcastle area would like to sail on weekends come along to Mannering Park Sailing Club. We start racing from 1-30 pm. The club is at Grace Street Mannering Park all levels of sailors are very welcome.The club has three that race every weekend and are trying to increase our fleet.For more information call Bill KIng 0422621573 or email bushpigracing@y7mail.con.au
  5. I have just insured my hobie 16 with club marine on line for #5000-00 for a cost of $280-00 that is wiyh 10 million public lib and $30,000 insurance for myself and crew
  6. I have just insured my hobie 16 with club marine on line for #5000-00 for a cost of $280-00 that is wiyh 10 million public lib and $30,000 insurance for myself and crew
  7. Just letting all cat sailors know that the open cat regatta at mannering park is comming up in January. This regatta is open to all cats. This year will be first Hobie Central Coast Chamionships. So get your Hobies out of the shed and come along for great sailing on the best waters in Australia. Hope to see all you cat sailors there.
  8. a set of 16 hobie sail require must be in good condition batterns not reguired to about $400-00 contact Bill King on 040422621573
  9. Windy Jindy I have sailed a Hydra this sailing season found it to be good fun until i hit a bull shark and wrecked the boat. I'm selling off all the parts, mast beams boom rudder assy centreboards tramp $500-00 ono i can be contacted on 0422621573 Bill King
  10. Penno, I have my jib sheet blocks 17 inches from my front beam. Hope this helps you. are you comming up on Saturday hope so also do not forget to put your bungs in to Bill King
  11. Penno 894 and Tigarr, hope to see you fellow hydra sailor at Mannering Park next weekend. I will be at the club from about 9-00 am give me a ring if you can make it on 0422621573 we need to get as many hydra's out of back yards and back on the water again hope to hear from you all soon Bil
  12. That's ok you will have to come and sail with Mannering Park on the weekend so we can see the boats go against each other Give me aring Bill
  13. Penno, where abouts do you live so i can come and have a look at them ring me on 0422621573 i will be sailing at Mannering Park sailing club this weekend Bill
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