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  1. Good way to upgrade your old timber Mossie, just swap the rig over.
  2. Hi all, check out this Multihull Mayhem Video on Youtube, recorded during the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club Easter Regatta. Multihull action from down south at it's best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAoxBToZ9kE
  3. Mosquito 1766 For Sale. Current National Cat Rig and State Sloop and Spinnaker Rig Champion boat. Built mid 90\'s in Larry Fay factory from Denholm mould. Composite foam sandwich construction, carbon/kevlar outer skin and bulkheads, kevlar inner skin, vertical A class centreboards. Platform with Boyer Flyer centreboards, as new trampoline, cat rig bridle and forestay, plus un registered trailer $6,900. ono Phone: 0458 067 628 Location : Paynesville, Victoria
  4. Hi Tony, glad you enjoyed the sailing that wasn't blown out. Pity you didn't see the Lakes at their best. Look forward to your feedback. Here is a write up I am working on. The catamaran sailors started arriving in Paynesville on Friday night, many of them enjoying the hospitality of the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club upon arrival, joining the locals for the regular Friday night meal and drinks. After bellies filled, the discussion turned to the already obvious fact that Mosquito Catamarans where going to be the largest represented class, with the local Mossie fleet being joined by metro based M
  5. Hi all, If you are coming from Melbourne and beyond, I would be heading this way ASAP, to get away from the floods, forecast is maybe showers and thunderstoms for the East of the state, still 27 degrees Saturday and 15knots, just doesn't get any better, but of course it's like that every day on the lakes.
  6. Hi all, looks like a big "Melbourne Cup" weekend coming up in Paynesville. Heaps happening, along with the sailing, club will be open for meals Friday Night, good menu all under $20, curries the specialty (should help with the wind for sailing). Also local school fete Saturday and foreshore market Sunday, so family and friends should find something to keep them amused, while we enjoy the 15 knots forecast. Looks like no rock stars will be attending, so us weekend warriors have a chance at being Yachting Victoria's Catamaran Champion. See you at the club.
  7. All is looking good for next weekend, forecast steady seabreeze, 15 knots and flat water. Sailing just doesn't get any better, than the Gippsland Lakes.
  8. Generaly the F&A sails that I have seen where very flat, which is typical of the sails at the time, in Mosquito's the major performance boost has been in sail design. The current sails are far more powerfull. The first Mossie I bought 11 years ago had F&A sails, then I bought a second hand set of the current best sails of the time and it was like putting a Turbo Charger on the boat, down wind improved most of all. Performance around the course improved by around 20%, I went from struggling to win on Yardstick to winning regularly. So if it's performance you are looking for, newer well
  9. Hi Tony, try this one also, www.wind.willyweather.com.au Although I do find most of them struggle to pedict sea breeze strength, around here anyway. BOM seems most accurate with seabreezes, but only when it's four days out.
  10. Hi Guy's, don't mean to rain on your parade, but what you are talking about for a Hydra, has been already done to Mossies, carbon kevlar foam sandwich hulls with more bouyancy started over 15 years ago, so if you want a high performance retro looking cat, the Mossie is already there. As for spinnakers, Mossies started over 6years ago experimenting with spinnakers, before F16's arrived in OZ. By the way they started with big spinnakers and gradualy got smaller, until they settled on current size for class rules. The smaller spinnakers are faster than the larger ones first used. The Mossie ma
  11. Hi Tony, Love to have you visit, Daryl was keen to get out last weekend but waiting for Mainsail repair. I am sure the mega star that will be attending could give you some hints on Paper Tigers also, he has won titles in them years ago. Hey was that one of you Tigers on Ebay?
  12. Hi all, The Victorian Cat Champs are on at Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club, October 30-31st. Can guarantee a fleet of competitive Mosquito's. But there will also be some stiff competion from other classes, with a Multiple World Title holder and Olympic representative attending. So pencil it in your calendar, the opportunity to sail against some of the best sailors in the world doesn't come along very often cool . Notice of Race here, www.sailglyc.com/tmp/2010_VCC_NOR.pdf
  13. Hi all, Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club will be holding Annual Easter Regatta. This regatta is not your ordinary around the buoy's weekend. Saturday 2pm start for Around Raymond Island Race, a quick blast for cats that generaly doesn't take much more than 1 hour. Results are Fastest time and Handicap, currently fastest time on Perpetual Shield is held by a Mosquito, so the challenge is out there can your cat beat a Mosquito? Sunday 10am, start of Classic 30 nautical mile race, yep that's right 30 nautical miles of sailing in one race, travelling around most of Lake King and Lake Victoria, a test
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