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  1. Not a Maricat but may be a Buffalo. Quite rare here in Tasmania.
  2. My guess is that you have Bearing Buddies fitted. Lots of YouTubes on these chaps.
  3. I have had these small wheels on my Maricat trailers over the years. The real negative with these small wheels is that at highway speeds the tyres may overheat to the point of failure. Darcy's suggestion of a spare is a really good idea.
  4. Both our Buffalos were fitted with deep rudders, not like the ones in the photos above.
  5. We had a couple of Buffalos in our mixed fleet of 14s (mainly Maricats) and in light to moderate winds they were quite competitive.They were both cat rigged. I remember they had some small holes in their sails that were referred to as "vortex generators".
  6. Before mid 1978. I purchased sail number 414 in August 1978.
  7. This mater was discussed on 24 December 2017 under the title Tiller Pivots.
  8. I bought sail number 1369 (a white Flower and Adams race main) in November 1979. If your sail number is the original for that boat then it is older than that.
  9. Plenty of posts to research on this topic.
  10. This caravan annex track is used often to repair older Maricats. Half way through replacing my original flat track with the annex track. Darcy has considerable expertise in such repairs.
  11. The ss bolt is very often stuck in the alloy casting and is thus not adjustable. I like the turnbuckle option. The dolphin striker set up needs to be strong. If it breaks the results can be messy and expensive, and you will need help to get back to shore.
  12. You have bought a great boat. I met Shazam 78 at the Hervey Bay Nationals in 1980. At that time she had fallen into the hands of some Victorians - she deserved better!!
  13. In my experience older tired sails are significantly slower upwind. I have a couple of older mainsails (I sail cat rigged) that have successful histories, but with my newer Chris Cairns sail my Maricat is minutes faster around a course. Upwind the newer sail allows me to sail higher and faster. I am overweight so need all the power I can get. A new sail is probably the best go-fast investment you can make on these old girls, along with some mast rake, and aligned and no-slop rudder system. One of the best Maricat sailors from the early days, Richard Eveleigh (one of the cont
  14. Off boom sheeting used quite a bit by Paper Tiger sailors. Might help those of us who have lost any muscle tone we ever had to hike out for a little longer.
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