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  1. 18', twin trapeze catamaran. A heap of fun, one of the best Stingrays going around. Very solid platform with all the go fast gear and accessories. Reluctant sale but I would rather see this boat put to good use than sit idle for any longer. We won numerous heats at national titles on this boat but since it hasn't been sailed for 4yrs it has to go. It was put away in immaculate condition with top quality equipment all over. The only blemishes on this boat are some creasing in the hull foam (cosmetic) and a small chip out of the starboard bow (again cosmetic). The list of gear below is comprehen
  2. G'day Steven, different people do different things to tension the rig. The lash up forestay is simple and easy!
  3. Ok, I'm away at work and I'm hot and Tired.... Of the two links above which one is actually the YV yardsticks for 2012-2013... is the new "V3" the one to go with? The Stingray has gone from 74.5 to 71... fair enough, it is cutting edge technology, but why was it taken out of the archival yardstick list? I must say though that I am more than a little uncomfortable with the new yardstick list. I don't feel that you can have some numbers based on performance and other based on SCHRS - all boats need to be rated on the same system don't they? Why do the A-Cats get 3 separate yardsticks... ever
  4. Great News John! It seems we have 8 Tadpoles on the line! 300 - Wildcard - Justin & Bill 565 - Pure '&' Cynical - Dr Dave 576 - Chain' a Feeling - Rex & Julie 579 - Last Tango - Mitch & James 580 - Fantasia - Brian 581 - Wild Turkey - Brett & Brad 585 - Crash 'n' Burn - Todd & Mitchell 589 - Wet 'n' Wild - John D Any more takers out there? Biggest in a while! Robbie - How many Cobras?
  5. There might be a few spars down south here in vic... not exactly sure though! contact me if your struggling! Good luck with the rebuild - the stingray website will be updated in the next few weeks regarding upcoming events!
  6. epoch - need more info - what sort of boat is it? You may have been told to leave the mainsheet on hard because the mainsheet/mainsail help to hold the mast up under the load of the spin
  7. They look pretty good Robbie! I will grab a couple - I'll shoot you an email!
  8. Did you sail the 5.8 Jeff? I heard that once again the Lienert's Brett and Brad had the speed on the Lienert's Todd and Mitchell!
  9. The F-18 and A sailors are correct for their boats! I know the stingray is a rare case where our masts are further forward than most modern designs because our centreboards should be further back! When 30yrs ago when the stingray went 'big rig' (Mk2) it threw the boat out of balance! Reading above - Darcy's comment about easing the mainsheet is essential! If you don't ease the mainsheet the rig tends to 'weathervane' half way through the tack and lock you head to wind.
  10. That's cheap at twice the price Loose!! Bit too far away for me.... and i already have several stingrays that 'need work'
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