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  1. speaking of which - would you be able to do some stingraycatamaran.com stickers in the same format? - send Rex the bill!
  2. Loving the work Rob! I've got one of the stingray 5.5 stickers on my fridge!!!
  3. John - I don't think a wing mast is necessary, but I do think that a fairly stiff mast is. From my understanding the mozzie and cobra masts are very flexible. Most of the Cobras are using Quantum mainsails and from a brief chat with the sailmaker he was mentioned that the more you bend a mast the stiffer it becomes (that makes sense to me but probably not somebody reading it), i think this is why many of the mozzies at the front of the fleet appear to have a lot of bend in their mast even in moderate air..... Hmm am i confusing myself?
  4. Agree with a lot of what Brian has said! BUTTTTT Robbie - The masts on those cobras are like wet spaghetti! It simply wouldn't work!
  5. Robbie you should have been at the Kingston Lobster Regatta - It was a Horny Blonde sponsored event!
  6. Hey Brian - Bullen Merri won't be on! It's back at Boga! I'll be heading to Paynesville on the Gippsland lakes with a few other old boats, the racing is seriously social for us, but we get to do long distance races on the lakes down there! Brett rates himself as 'half a chance' at coming along! I think the Cobras will be hosting their states at Boga
  7. A stingray based report (including everybody else as well) will be up shortly... But the Sunday race from Cape Jaffa saw a stingray 1-2-3 over the line and also on handicap! The local stingrays also represented making a total of 5 boats! - The same as at the nationals! It was a sensational weekend and I cannot stress just how hospitable and friendly the Lacapede Bay SC community at Kingston is!
  8. Sensational Jeff!!!! I can't wait! Cal and I will probably leave Melbourne around lunch time on Friday (because we can)
  9. Hey Jeff - Can't wait! Can you just confirm though.... are the dates 5+6 or 12+13?.... I have been banking on 5th and 6th!!!
  10. Matt - Something I'd LOVE to do... but I am 99% sure that I'll be out with work then!
  11. Don't give him too much praise or he'll get a big head Looks good Brian! Will you be at Kingston? I have just been given the all clear from Daishsat on that weekend so I'm in! Brett is in, I think Todd and Rex are as well!
  12. Brian I will wait and see regarding the F18 section! I'm not yet convinced - but certainly curious!
  13. Loose - You definately should! Although finding a boat and getting it back on the water might be a bit easier than starting from scratch! Robbie - I'm looking forward to you coming and playing the with grown ups! John - Sounds great! Look forward to hearing from you! Also well done with your help in Brisbane!
  14. Hi John + Others Just to clear up a few things regarding the new sail plan. John - in answer to the "when, how, where" - The attendees of the Victor Harbor nationals last year held an "AGM" of sorts - The general consensus was that it is in the best interests of the class to get as many boats on the water as possible - As a result the rules in general have been relaxed (within reason). Things such as minumum weights, and hull/beam measurements all still remain! Rex was working on updating the rules... I had hoped to get a copy on the website last year... I'll stir him up again soon! F18:
  15. Full Results and Report for the stingrays can now be found on the website! http://www.stingraycatamaran.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=20&Itemid=25
  16. After all was said and done: Brett Lienert and son Jarrod sailing #581 "Wild Turkey" are 2010-2011 National Champions! 2nd - Mitch and James 3rd - Justin and Bill 4th - Todd and Mitchell 5th - Rex and Julie Full results and report will be on www.stingraycatamaran.com soon
  17. Looks like Todd has second- it would take a 2-3 place separation today between us! Justin broke a boom yesterday so scored a dnf probably ruling him out of the 2nd place battle - but he will be back out there today!
  18. Brett can't be beaten from here! He doesnt have a weak leg and is very fast downwind! The battle for 2nd is very much on though! The square top sails seem to be very fast uphill in over 15!
  19. G'day Brian As of race 5 1st - Wild Turkey - Brett and Jarrod Lienert 2nd - Last Tango - Mitch Bayliss and James Mare 3rd - Crash 'n' Burn - Todd and Mitchell Lienert 4th - Wildcard - Justin Forrester and Bill Mudge 5th - Chasin' a Feeling - Rex and Julie Gibbs Brett is dominating with 5 Bullets! Me and James narrowly (VERY NARROWLY) lead Todd who is tied with Justin, and Rex isn't that far behind. Wind has been consistent and around 15 for the first 3 races and pushed up around 20 for race 3 and 4. Results will be posted soon but the club has only given scores for the low point syst
  20. NOR and Entry forms out now! www.stingraycatamaran.com www.cobracat.com YeeeHAAA
  21. So the 430 is only fractionally slower than the Mozzy??? Wow it must be a weapon of a little boat!
  22. If it has to go the Redundant Catamaran Association will happily make you a rude offer Seriously Though - This boat is in great condition and has lots of good systems on it!
  23. Many of the non racing Windrush's and Maricats I have seen have shallow draft 'resort' style rudders.... so people can run them up a beach without breakage! If it doesn't have that style... then its a big positive as you can actually turn!
  24. I know of MANY maricats in VIC... unfortunately they are in a state of disrepair! I did rig up one windrush that stood out from the pack about 5 years ago and it went well! They are owned by a company called Auscamp - a google search will give you the phone number! there would be no harm in asking if any of them are available as I know that they havn't been used for 5+ years email me at mitchell_baylissAThotmail.com if you want some more info.
  25. Hey Fluid Drive Couldn't agree with you more!!! I was 21 when I bought my first boat... I went for a Stingray! People did and still do ask why I went for such an old and dying class! It was a simple answer - I was a student and it was the fastest and cheapest boat I could afford! Since getting it I have become completely obsessed with sailing and I am sure I enjoy it more than those with more modern and expensive boats!
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