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  1. Yeah - probably is a low blow - I wouldn't mind so much if it was reflected in the price of the sails... but it isn't! I suppose when you have just coached a team to Americas Cup victory you can probably charge what you like... and then some!
  2. Just remember that if you go Goodall your money will be helping the Australian economy! All Glenn's sails are now made in China (including the sails he uses apparently)
  3. Hi Jeff hope your well. I will give you story of my last 3 sail making/modifying experiences with AHPC/Goodall: JIB: "I would like it before the nationals" - sail was cut and stitched on X-mas eve! Main: "I would like it before Easter" - sail was made on the 'good' Thursday and delivered on Good Friday. Main Re-cut: "I would like it before Sauna Sail" - sail was re-cut and couriered the Friday before hand. The way I see it is that if you give them a time frame and they agree, they always seem to get the job done just in time!! It works for me!!
  4. Hi mferguson - You certainly did attract a lot of attention! From the luxury of the stingray we noticed that you probably weren't sheeting you main hard enough when sailing upwind... I had this problem when I first got the square top sail on the stingray... they take quite a lot of tension to get the leech to stand up! (sorry if I sound like a knowitall - just what my crew and I noticed)
  5. It hasn't received much publicity this year... But it's on again.. The Latrobe Valley Yacht Club will once again host the sauna sail on the queens birthday long weekend (Jun 12-14) More details on their website http://lvyc.org.au/
  6. Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club Easter Regatta 30nm race around the lakes. Round Raymond Island race the day before (not that long, but a good warm up!)
  7. Micky, Sent you an email a while back.. no reply? Mitch mitchell_bayliss@hotmail.com
  8. Hi all Does anybody have a used F-18 Kite that they would be willing to part ways with for a reasonable price? Mitch
  9. dannyj - does that include superwing section? nb - I have always found AHPC a pleasure to deal with!
  10. Hi Darcy, It's a long trip from Melbourne for two days sailing! The Cobras and Stingrays have combined with the Arrow and Arafura Association! The arrows make the call, we follow, it is a fantastic way to make up a national titles more viable for both the yacht club and the classes involved.
  11. Thats interesting that AHPC won't do the masts. Stingrays use the AHPC 'Superwing' Sectio, same as the Taipan 4.9 but 2 foot longer, Greg said he can't do replacement masts apparently. Thats a shame... they are just extrusions aren't they?
  12. Is anybody looking for a crew or have a boat to charter for this event? 85kg - Normally skipper a stingray with kite, would love to get a feel for F18 racing before moving into the class sometime in the future... Mitch 0401854571
  13. The people I know with dodgy backs find trapezing easier than hiking! Maybe try a new harness?
  14. Rev where are you... I am serious about picking up these boats!
  15. Quest - Yes I know somebody who would LOVE spare bits and pieces! Beez Neez has been sold and I suspect is no longer raced BUT he bought another boat called "T*N Party" (the letters between T and N are missing.. its not a swear word) His name is Tom and he works with former Cube sailor Chris Culph
  16. Hi all Notice of Race and Sailing Instuctions now available online at: www.stingraycatamaran.com www.cobracat.com January 2-8 @ Victor Harbor Yacht Club, Accomodation available and cheap, more details on the websites! If you have a stingray or cobra there is no excuse to get along to these friendly titles! [This message has been edited by mitchlb44 (edited 08 December 2009).]
  17. Stingray and Cobra Sailors the Notice of Race + Entry and Sailing Instructions now available from: www.stingraycatamaran.com www.cobracat.com Accomodation is available and cheap... and exclusive to sailors! If you have a stingray or cobra thats been in the shed for a while dust it off and come along!
  18. sounds like a great idea!... as long as it is well done!
  19. Rev I wouldn't expect you to sink time into finding out what gear your dead stingray do or don't have! But I am serious about coming up and taking them off your hands... I just don't want it to be a COMPLETE waste of time (I'm happy to waste a little time) Booms? Old Sails? Rudders/Stocks? Like I said I am serious... if your happy for me to take them off your hands! Mitch 0401854571
  20. Thanks for the response Rev! I spoke to Bernie a couple of weeks/months ago about the moulds! Good to hear they are still in working order! Can you recall what parts/pieces are still intact on your 'dead' stingrays? My email address is mitchell_bayliss(at)hotmail.com I've got plenty of spare time this summer so it would be good to hear from you! Mitch
  21. Just though I would bump this... Still looking for leads!
  22. Welcome back to cat sailing! DONT GO OUT IN OVER 10KTS FIRST TIME.... or your wife may never sail again!!!! Mitch
  23. I had hoped to make it... unfortunately my bludging for a year at uni has caught up with me... Maybe next year!
  24. Often in 'salt water' (open water) when your bow/s go in it is a wave so the boat is able to punch through the other side! When the water is flat and the bows go in there is no opportunity to pop out the other side... they just dive! I'm not an expert but the newr boats, F18's, F16's etc have a lot of bouyancy low down meaning they are more likely to pop back up from a nosedive... the taipans are pretty fine in the bows! Jeff... Get further back on the boat and try to transition from points of sail smoothly! easier said than done!
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