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  1. Just a thought... if you cut a slab out of the head or the foot then will this load the mast differently... perhaps actually increasing the chance of breakage? Don't know the answer... it just occured to me!
  2. Robbie if I find anyway keen to buy your Cobra... I'll convince then to buy a stingray instead Fire me an email at some point so i've got your contact details! Mitch
  3. Love the restaurant analogy! Never been to wildcat and don't sail a 14fter but it all makes sense when you put it like that!
  4. Stingray with Kite attending! Looking forward to it Jeff!
  5. I'll definitely be at Victor! Will you be sailing 1 or 2 up this year? If your interested I'll be coming home via Kingston SE and doing their "Lobster" regatta on the sat-sun.
  6. Thanks NixonJr... Rob? or Rick? I certainly know which ones more Jr haha! I have gone through the past results and it has certainly helped to 'fill out' the list a little better! Rob.. You didn't hang around at Sauna Sail very long!?
  7. Hi http://www.cobracat.com/ Try calling one of the contacts - The only one I know personally is Rick Nixon (VIC) who has put together a lot of cobras! He should be able to help! Mitch
  8. I beleive they are in Northern NSW and a privately owned by a member of the stingray fraternity! Called "Cherry" because Peter Cherry build them. I am only a newcomer to the class and I am just going by what I have been told! I beleive Todd's boat was built 11-12kg underweight... Randall Cooper (SA) was involved in the construction of some VERY light stingrays... I beleive the record was 18kgs under the 88.5kg minimum!
  9. Thanks Jeff! Unfortunately I jiggered the Photo Gallery the other day and had to take it down... though it will be back soon enough I hope! There was much conjecture about the Cherry Molds... but yes their whereabouts is known, I am not sure when they were last used though! I believe Craig Conn in Bendigo had some fairly good Molds that ended up in the Tip!
  10. Good to see you shaking things up a little Ken! The price of everything to do with sailing (outside of quality equip and boats) can come down substantially I think! Mitch
  11. www.stingraycatamaran.com It's taken a while but finally the stingray is online! Check it out!
  12. Hi John, Thanks for the info!!! Your name is in a list of stingray sailors (past and present) that Todd Lienert sent me - I can now put you in the current owner column! Wet 'n' Wild sounds very similar to Crash 'n' Burn (was that yours too). My boat "The Shadow" 582 was built has Craig Conn - well they are the details on the inside of it anyway! The National Titles look like being held in conjunction with the Arrow Titles at Victor Harbor in January (2-9)! Potentially the number could be quite good with SA boats not having to travel - Would it be hard to convince you and the NSW/QLD crew
  13. Collapsing main beam doesn't sound good... funny somebody could get it so wrong! Thanks for the Cootharaba heads up, I'll try and get in touch with the YC!
  14. Bi-Plane rig sounds good Harry! (although shame you didn't use a Nacra haha) Is the mast a Mk1 or Mk2 stick? Do you know if it is the Goodall Superwing or the "Aussie" Wing? I wouldn't mind having a spare mast... My email address is mitchell_bayliss(at)hotmail.com
  15. Thanks Guys! Jeff - If you happen to stumble upon these sailors in the near future would you be able to get some contact details for them? PS. Good to know I wasn't the only Cat having swimming lessons at Hazelwood last Monday! Harry - Does your "Dead" have any "alive" gear on it? Where abouts are you - Any spares (mast, centreboards, rudders, etc) that you don't want I'd love to get my hands on them (for a price of course ) Email addresses etc would be great - I am trying to put together some sort of a contact list. And for those that are no longer sailing I'm trying to get those boats
  16. Hi EVERYONE, Has ANYONE seen any stingrays recently? Preferably on the water, or in somebodies shed!? If you have, Who was sailing them? And Where? Any sighting in say..ooo.. the last 5 years appreciated! Mitch
  17. I think your right about a sound f16 for 12,000... might be a stretch. I don't think the taipans have a limited lifespan, I am a member at PMYC who have a very large fleet of taipans and the older boats perform very competitively! I think the camping thing is a pipe dream! if you want to go camping then by a tinnie! Hope my personal opinions are of use
  18. I got my exam timetable today and for the first time in 4 years I can come!! WOOHOO
  19. The GLYC Easter Regatta was great fun! Thanks to the club for organising a relaxed and enjoyable race series! The RCC (Redundant Catamaran Club) was in attendance with 2x QB3's, a Hobie 20 and a Stingray with Kite. There were also a few local kids on Arrows (I wont upset arrow sailors by placing them in our club!) The round raymond island race on saturday saw the Stingray taking line honours with the "200 Dollar Sh$%ter" taking out on handicap (A QB3 purchased the week earlier for $200) The rest of the races heavily favoured the Stingray Carrying the kite. On a side note, the RCC is lo
  20. A mate and I considered a run from Sydney to Cairns. We even toyed with the idea of a full lap of OZ... then we came across this article http://users.tpg.com.au/kkmiller/hobie/across_atlantic.html It sounds nothing short of horrible! But best of luck... In fact if you are providing the #2 boat I would love to do a leg!
  21. Taipan 4.9 = Great Boat! One up it is expensive! Two up both crew need to be fairly light! Taipan 5.7 = Another Dying Class! HALF as many boats as the stingray nationals! F18 = Great Boat! Extremely expensive! F16 = Great Boat! One up Extremely expensive! Two up weight begins to become an issue for heavier crews! A Class = Mega Expensive! Anti-Social! Highly Competitive! STINGRAY = Dying Class! Inexpensive! F-ing Fast! The real deal in terms of Cats despite old design! Pretty good way to get into cat sailing for a student (thats me)! I think there are too many classes of catama
  22. Competition run and won! Results can be found at this link: http://www.cobracat.com/nats08_09.htm Day 3 of the event was possibly the most interesting day with an absolute drifter being shortened in the morning followed by conditions that ended up gusting to over 30kts in the afternoon! Todd on Crash & Burn went around the top mark and begun the screaming reach to the wing mark that saw 6 stingrays going hell for leather in fairly close proximity, he then made the wise choice and continued that line all the way to the clubhouse... The rest of us continued, but all bar Justin and Bill
  23. The Stingray/Cobra Catamaran nationals got underway on Saturday with the Stingrays this year outnumbering the Cobras. 5 Cobras and 5 Stingrays hit the water for the invitations race on Saturday with the 6th Stingray showing up from S.A. fashionably late at dinner time. The Stingrays are 4 from SA, 1 NSW and 1 VIC. The SA and NSW boats are leading the way with the VIC boat (me) a little further behind. Thanks to the Rosedale Yacht Club for doing a great job so far!
  24. Me to I just wish I was better at sailing them!
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