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  1. I have just been told by the person I bought I my stingray off that his brother has two brand new stingray hulls in his backyard. They are in Victor Harbour... but I'm not too sure what he has planned for them!? (Maybe I wan't them) But they would make a pretty good platform.
  2. What if I know somebody going to brisbane soon that could bring them back for you?
  3. I'm up for more long events! Speaking form Club Marine insurance policy I am allowed to race up to 50nm. I think to go any further than that requires a massive premium hike! Not that is wouldn't be worth it.
  4. Beez Neez won't be there... owner has work commitments apparently!
  5. I know of a few that are sailable... but not for sale! Last year around this time I spotted one in Kinglake West (VIC) It had both the 2 and 3 rigs but was in dire need of a sand and paint! I'll be back there in a 3 weeks time, I can check if it is still there and if it is for sale!
  6. I beleive that Beez Neez will be there this year! Tom has recently fixed some rear beam issues and was hoping to get a crew and head to the sauna sail... I'm sure a QB3 wont go un-noticed.
  7. correct me if I am wrong but the new "Bighead" mains on the taipans are designed to make the boat faster and more manageable. If the boat becomes faster should its yardstick change? Or do the taipans out there doing mixed fleet racing just gain an advantage over the fleet?
  8. My uni exam timetable has conspired against me for this one
  9. This is an amazing video! The result I beleive was: 1. VX40 2. Tornado 3. 18ft Skiff When you watch the video you can see that there really is very little difference in boat speeds when up and running! http://video.aol.com/video-detail/ishares-vx40-vs-18-skiff/691772791
  10. Hi Gary, I'll be there on a Stingray with Spin... I would desperately like to say that I would be competitive and perhaps we could have a slight tussle... But I am really just a novice sailor with a novice crew! Perhaps I'll learn a thing or two though! Mitch
  11. If your in trouble.. go low!!
  12. Is it a telescopic bar??? If so, do away with it and get a suitable length of aluminium and put some grip on it! My opinion!
  13. I know a young bloke (17) who sails a Kitty at South Gippsland YC in Inverloch! His younger bro crews for him and he loves it!
  14. Does anyone have the 'Awesome Aussie Skiffs' DVD? any good? I think it could be worth a look!
  15. Very Sad... Clearly not a "Perfect Showcase" as ISAF President Göran Peterson suggests... It seems a little crazy to vote for 2012 before success/failure in 2008 has been monitored!?
  16. The RACQ policy is interesting in that it only covers sails! Most policies I checked for 'social racing', and my dad has a similar policy for his Trailer Sailer say something like "neither rigging nor sails, or any extentented damage caused directly or indirectly by their failure are covered when racing". So I reckon the sails only cover sounds fairly reasonable... unless your looking for full comp!
  17. I didn't do all that much shopping around... but I did find that club marine were far and away the cheapest. That included a family member who is a broker trying to get his best price aswell!
  18. I got mine from happynursery on ebay... they had a buy it now "or best offer". As for the SD card, they can be picked up on ebay for $20-25. now, just need to figure out how to pay for the boat i bought........
  19. I just talked myself into buying one! I got it for AUS$155 (not inc sd card)
  20. Then definately have a look at the Helmet Camera on ebay! Its totally self sufficient, you get about 2hrs of recording time on a 2gb card and its submersible! http://cgi.ebay.com.au/WIRELESS-HELMET-CAM-CAMERA-ATC2K-ATC2000-ATC-2000-2GB_W0QQitemZ230147739492QQihZ013QQcategoryZ39834QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Have a look at the demo video aswell!
  21. Video or Still? Olympus do a waterproof/shockproof still (i think most other brands do aswell now) For Video: Search "Helmet Camera" on ebay and there are HEAPS of fully independant bullet cameras that record straight to SD card... Image is definately not film quality but it is reasonable (there is a link to a demo). They say it is waterproof to 3 metres? $200-250 I'm not sure if this was what you had in mind... but it might be a start!
  22. My experience with boat trailers is that the nuts can corrode slightly and jam pretty tight! SOMETIMES they will be nice and undo, most of the time they will either shear, or not budge. Angle Grinders have worked for me!
  23. There is a QB3 Sitting in a yard in Kinglake West (VIC). Needs a sand and a coat of paint, but looks like a serviceable boat. Thought somebody might like to know
  24. Funny you should mention using Mr Sheen to give your hulls that clean look... I knew some White Water Kayakers who would use armour all to remove the white scratch appearance from their plastic boats, it looked great BUT the Kayaking fraternity went ballistic about the petroleom based chemicals being put into the rivers and creeks! So be careful who you mention that to! I also agree, clean and shiny MUST be fast!
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