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  1. Why don't you get a Musto Dry Suit... that way you can refinance the house and not the boat!
  2. The owner of that boat is probably a somebody Renshaw... I work with his brother Matt. They bought the boat around Chrissie last year for $400... complete with holes in one of the hulls from where an adolescent dog has chewed through! However the mast was great, and the sails not TOO bad! They went all out on repairs and funky jobs with glass and resin to get its strength up! The next step was a professional spray job... Bright yellow! I haven't heard the latest for about 2 months, but I wouldn't be surprised if at some stage they go all out and get new sails and a spinnaker set up!
  3. Sounds like the mozzie is definately worth considering! The reason I was thinking stingray is that its a pretty inexpensive way to get started in cat sailing, and I'm a heavy sailor (105kg). Although mozzies sound far more available and people actually race them down in VIC, I am in Melbourne. What sort of dollars to the mozzies fetch? How about a Nacra 4.9? Thanks again, and keep the great advice coming!
  4. I have been trying to look into stingrays but cant find much info! The reason I am interested is they seem like a pretty quick boat for the money I have to spend... I am a student! What should I look out for when I am looking at them? are there any notorious tell tale signs of disrepair that I should look out for? ANY advice would be much appreciated! Thanks
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