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  1. Remaining parts I have the rudder assembly ( in very good condition including stainless attachment pins) $200 and down haul pullies $40, high performance mast with new halyard wheel $300, hull hatch assemblies $20 and trap wires $30 remaining. Also have the front and rear beams (make an offer)
  2. Sorry mate. It is on page one of this forum. 0412235357
  3. Richo 777, mate I have it all but the jib. Happy to talk by phone.
  4. Slammin, give me a ring or send me your number and we can do a deal on what you need.
  5. Michael, a tree fell across the hulls at the front of the tramp during a storm. I had just tidied the boat up for sale as well.
  6. I am a member of tinaroo sailing club. It is an excellent club that is very friendly, very well run and great facilities. We sail every 2nd Sunday with club races in different race series and classes. We have a web site that is easy to Google with a lot of info. My mylar main sail is basically worn out. The mesh has holes in it. I do have a dacron sail that is in fairly good nic and good shape. You are welcome to have a look at them. My no is 0412235357 if you are interested.
  7. We would have around 15 or so cats. In that we have a fleet of A class boats, hobie 14 turbo, prindle 15, 5.8 nacras. 4.5 nacra, an I17 nacra for sale, 14square. The A's include a boyer 3&4, timber one, flyer, flyer2 geltek, schueur gen 6.
  8. I have a tramp, high performance mast with new halyard and roller, rudders, down hall pulleys, main sheet pulleys, Mylar jib with batters, brand new side stays and front stay, 2nd hand side stays, hatch covers and inserts, jib rope assembly with chests and pulleys.
  9. Windrush parts Hi mate, my Windrush recently met with a falling tree at my place and hence I have numerous parts for sale. I have everything but the hulls and main sail in good condition with some new parts not yet used. I'm on the tablelands and sail at tinaroo. the boat won 4 out of 5 race series last year before i moved onto an a class. If there is anything you may need let me know.
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