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  1. Thanks Edge. Has anyone filled their hulls with foam-a-fill instead of repairing the timber supports to stiffen up the hulls? Are there any problems this would cause?
  2. Once again thanks to everyone's words of advice. I've so far taken the two cross beams off and discovered that the seatbelt trick had already been done. However I did notice that the holes in the cross bean that holds the pin was worn out and allowed the pin to move even with the seatbelt strap under the beam. I removed the beam again and placed an additional strip of seatbelt on top of the beam and then placed the end cap over the beam. This made is hard to get the pin back through but with a few taps with the hammer in went in. This resulted in the the pin now being very rigid and therefore
  3. Thanks so much to both of you for your prompt replies. I'll try the seat belt trick first and then play around with the mast if need be. Cheers Marz
  4. Hi, I'm new to this sport and have recently purchased a Windrush 14. It's in great condition with Mylar sails. I've sailed it about 10 times now both with someone else and on my own all in about 15 to 20 knots of wind on flat water. The question I have is, is it normal for the hull to nose dive when powered up? I find that as the cat speeds up a lot of water begins to start spraying off the front cross beam. Then the front of the hull starts to bury in and if I hold the main sail in that position for too long it will eventually pitch pole me. I've noticed in some photos of me sailing that th
  5. Hi, I'm not sure of the brand or year of this cat. Everything is in good working order with nothing to do but sail it. Both hulls are water tight. The trailer is registered for 11 months still. I do travel to Perth each week so I could bring it up from Busselton if someone was interested. Please give me a call on 0419812433. $1,200 ono Cheers
  6. Hi, I've recently bought a W14 but the mail sail on it is shot. Has anyone got a 2nd hand Mylar mail that they want to sell that will get me through the rest of this season. I live in busselton but commute to Perth regularly. Thanks
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