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  2. Project cancelled due to ill health. See my listing in the Boats for sale section.
  3. Includes registered trailer with new tyres and bearings, sailbox and two sets of sails. Yellow hulls with non-slip paint. New "L&R" tramp (but torn tramp runner rail to be fixed). $700 ONO but happy to negotiate. Need to sell ASAP. Call Doug on 0418 72 14 72 EDIT: Also included is an old set of beach rollers, which need the rollers replaced. It is not an expensive exercise to replace the rollers with wheelbarrow wheels. :-)
  4. No. Away for a week on a family holiday. I'll be getting the bits together this next week.
  5. Okaaaaay ... so it's off to the shop to buy a concertina riveter! Doug
  6. (Re-)launched on Sunday at Lake Samsonvale! Yay! :-) Floats! No water in either hull after putting it back on to the trailer. Phew! :-) Now, the bad news: 1. As my son trod on the rear of the tramp (when raising the mast) the rear port side tramp track moulding pulled away from the hull - the rear-most 1/2 dozen or so rivets. 2. As the wind was light, we launched regardless of the above. We slowly made our way out to the centre of the lake when "Ping!", a tramp (rope) shackle pulled through the rear spar and landed on the tramp by my foot. That was enough, so we sailed back to shore and p
  7. It's all sorted. After further discussion, they accepted the boat name as the hull number. Doug
  8. I am endeavouring to insure my newly-refurbed C16, but the insurer needs to be given a "hull number". Can anyone enlighten me as to where to find said number? (Buggered if I can find one!) Ta Doug
  9. My rudders appear to be in good nick. They move freely as they should. Doug
  10. Well the Grand (Re)launching didn't eventuate, owing to family/school priorities. Next weekend now. Did manage to get a few things done, though: Patched 3 small holes in the main with sail tape. Replaced the trailer hitch with a snap-on type. Stuck on some replacement tell-tales. Put reflective tape patches on the top and the base of the mask for better visibility when towing after dark. Red reflector glued to rear of sail box also. Gaffer-taped the cover tarp - after my hounds decided to chew a hole in it! (&$/-.@!!) Doug
  11. HI Sailor Wal What Robbie said! I have dealt quite recently with both LR Sails (Russ and Luke) and Norman. Very helpful. Russ has the patterns and can make you a new tramp to order. He made one for me inside a week. Terrific service. Russ is at Deception Bay and Norman is at Maroochydore. If you boat trailer axle needs attention, I can tell you where mine was fixed. Doug PS Where are you located?
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