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  1. Give them a good polish and upside down will be fine, even better with a tarp over them
  2. I might be up for it mate just looking for an option on a bitsa boat
  3. We have two Calypso 14’s and a Calypso 16 competing in the roughly 50km Milang to Goolwa race coming up this Sunday, you can follow their results if you like, i’m a Nacra 5.8 sailor so more into big boats but I must confess I like the Calypso. Just make sure the rudders lock down properly before you hand your money over, on any of these push down rudder boats it’s a pain in the wallet if they say the rudders need sorting out
  4. There were plenty of fast timber ones around at the same time as the Cherry hulls so I wouldn’t discount it as being heavy as that is a lighter medium to build in than the original glass hulls, being wood it will just depend wether it’s been looked after out of the weather, screws shouldn’t pull out as there is normally an aluminium strip inside the hulls to screw into, that may have corroded which means hopefully bigger screws or tap some other holes into it. Sometimes the strip was a lot of small sections of aluminium glasses in, that can break out so try not to take out all the screws out a
  5. We have been able to come up with another three houses within a short walk of the sailing club for rent over this regatta, this makes it quite cheap and can sleep up to eight in each house, contact me if you want info
  6. I just found your post, I think you have an original rig but you can measure the mast
  7. G’day Josh there’s no real manual but we can help with setting it up, first thing we need to know is which Stingray you have, I have had both the Big rig 30ft mast and Original rig 28ft mast. The masts are fairly soft by newer cat standards so you don’t want a heap of prebend in it unless you are really light, can you also say what your total crew weight is, water/ wind conditions where you sail, it all makes a difference with the settings. You might have a heavier original rig boat which is timber deck with fibreglass hulls, you may have all timber hulls or you may have fibreglass and foam “C
  8. Here is another link to the Notice of Race We are expecting the fleets to be 350, 430, 450, Nacra 5.8, Infusion and Miscellaneous, we are still a couple of 17's away from having a fleet so if you are thinking of joining the other 17's at the Nacra Nationals could you let me know http://www.users.on.net/~meningiesc/NOR NACRA Nationals Meningie.pdf
  9. Sorry it has been pointed out to me that I posted the wrong dates for this event as it got changed from the proposal, racing is from Monday 30th of December 2019 to Saturday 4th of January 2020 with New Years Day being the lay day. I apologise for any inconvenience, the notice of race is correct, we have strong support for the event with a couple of people coming from England and a couple from Hong Kong, 10 boats from WA, and plenty from between there and Far North Qld. We are anticipating about 40 Nacras competing, rental house accomodation has been nearly booked out but there are a couple of
  10. South Australian Nacra National Championship from December 28th 2019 to Friday January 3rd 2020. Info Meningie Sailing Club sits on the edge of freshwater Lake Albert with a surface area of 168 square kilometres, even though we are in drought our water depth for most of the lake and for the whole area in front of the club where we will be racing is currently between 1.9 metres and 2.3 metres. There are no obstacles to hit with boards fully down once a 5.8 is about 50 metres past the end of the jetty at the sailing club and Infusions would be recommended to go out another 75 metres befor
  11. Nacra National Championships 2019-2020 Notice of race https://ausna.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/NOR-NACRA-Nationals-Meningie.pdf
  12. Thanks for the update, I think I regularly drive past a Quick Cat for sale near Policemans Point in the Coorong SA
  13. Thanks for a great write up, how long is the marathon race
  14. Do you have a consumer affairs department in your state, that's probably your first port of call and also maybe tell them that if they don't pay the money by a given date you will name them on all the sailing forums, do you have paperwork from them regarding the consignment? If not you may have some trouble
  15. We have worked out a terrific arrangement with the Meningie caravan park. If you book an unpowered site you have a choice between the caravan park or camping on the Meningie school oval directly across the road from the sailing club, this will be fully administered by the caravan park but the sailing club will want confirmation that you have paid the caravan park so there is no drama, only downside is being a school it is a dry zone see you there
  16. Don't worry too much about class rules any repairs you make will be fine, the others sailing Stingrays will just be happy to have you out there. Those fibreglass hull, timber deck boats are pretty old and unless the foam inside has been replaced you will find the hulls push in fairly easily. They just had normal foam for bulkheads and it breaks down, if the hulls push in easily it is really slow and the first thing to fix. Check the beams, they are a big job to replace and a common error is for someone to bolt the traveller track on right through the beam this causes a weakness in the beam lea
  17. Wow you sure know how to fire some questions, the easiest way to work out the length you need on a righting pole is to put virtually a full length windsurfer mast on it and then work out how far out you need to go out on the pole to right it, there is ne easy equation. I found the short rig Stingray harder to right than the big rig so I would suggest to keep the pole long. I made a righting pole on my Stingray when I sailed with my kids, don't under estimate the amount of load the end of the mast that connects with the main beam is under, it took a bit of trial and error for me to get it righ
  18. Well done they are a fun boat, you can't right it on your own so think about a righting pole or similar, whilst racing has nearly stopped for the season, keep in mind Milang on Easter Saturday and Sunday and Rum Race at Victor Harbour first Sunday in May, I'll be at both
  19. Largs is a great place to sail but you may be the only cat there, when I was at school at Taperoo high it had a big cat fleet but now not so much, are you looking to race against other cats?
  20. You didn't miss the sail by much it only went recently
  21. A new one has just arrived in SA closer to $14,000 I believe, they are a great boat
  22. I'm excited to announce that the 2019-2020 South Australian Nacra Nationals are at my club, Meningie Sailing Club, situated on the Southern end of Lake Albert, near the end of the Murray river. This lake is freshwater, 169 square kilometres and currently has a depth between 1.9 metres and 2.3 metre. To enable the Far North Qld and WA sailors to be home on Christmas Day, the National Association has set the start day for measurement and the first race as Monday 30th of December with the last race on Saturday the 4th of January. There won't be an invitation race but we will have a rescue boat av
  23. This year is at Great Lakes Sailing Club just out of Forster NSW, Measuring is today 29th Dec with a practice race planned this arvo, the championship starts tomorrow and runs till Friday, so far there are about 60 boats registered with about 25 Nacra 5.8's expected to compete. The wind forecast is for plenty so we should have a great time
  24. Haha I'lI bite welcome to the forum, I'll sell you an unused set of those Bris Cat cradles, I just need to drill the rivets to take them back off, I'll include postage for $509 dollars and get some more from Bris Cats, will do the same for anyone else and if I get enough orders I'll give up my day job
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