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  1. Thanks Darcy - will post some photos in a couple of weeks - after I get back to the boat - thanks for your advice.
  2. Geat thanks - can't answer your query about the traveller - maybe we're special## Would a decent single ratchet block with a cleat work on the bottom? Also I have 10mm (best guess) rope at the moment and don't want to go any less unless I have to.
  3. Have looked at RC61910 and that looks like the traveller car I have already.
  4. Thanks very much. That sounds exactly right - the traveler casting and cleat must be missing as is the tie off saddle. I will have another look at the new traveller car with cleat attached but if I could find something cheaper it would be good. In the mean time madabouts solution of tying a knot to the traveler car and tying off to aft beam saddle would work. Next issue is the block on the traveller car which is a single ratchet pulley running up to two singles on the boom. This system makes it hard to hold onto the sail in a moderate to heavy wind. The original calls for a triple block o
  5. Thanks Tornado Pretty sure current rail is an I track and it is already attached to the aft beam as per the original design. I have not tried the new traveler block I priced for size but it looked the same as mine but had a cleat attached. I wondered if I could buy some sort of stopping device that would fit to the rail at each end that was more substantial than the current plastic stoppers as another option however this would not assist me to pull the traveller under load. I will contact Windrush as you suggest.
  6. Thanks madboutcats. Sounds like a good set up but unfortunately I do not have a traveller cleat. I live over the ditch in Hawkes Bay NZ and the Windy is in Taupo. I would be interested in any good contacts in NZ. I will take photos of my current setup when I get back to her in a couple of weeks. She is a 14ft windy.
  7. Hi - I am not only a novice Windrush owner but this is the first time I have posted so hoping someone can help. My Windrush has different mainsheet rigging than the manual. There is nothing to stop the traveler block from smashing into the rail end caps and consequently one has broken off. Also the sail is very hard to pull along the rail with a decent breeze. I have the manual download but the diagrams are blurred. From what I can make out the end of the main sheet should be tied off at the back of the aft crossbeam and then travels through the traveler block where it can be tied off at a
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