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  1. Hi Peter, Not to take you away from the forums here but there is a Facebook page dedicated to Calypso/CaperCats found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1531523680399018/ Some recent discussions on there are about the costs involved in replacing the beams/masts using the same size/style extrusion. HTH, Matt
  2. Not to take you away from here Phill but there is a huge Calypso / CaperCat following on a facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1531523680399018/ Several Calypso 16's there have recently purchased brand new sails from Switch Sails located at Scarborough, Redcliffe. So many variables will change the price i.e. cloth used, colours, cut, size etc. The C16's paid around $2k for multi coloured, radial cut, square top main and jib. If your not based in SEQ ask a local sail loft for a quote. Trampolines are pretty standard for 14ft cats and there's plenty of manufactu
  3. The 14ft Kulacat doesn't have a locker as such but open hatch access to a huge mid section of the hull. It's the largest i've seen and know of. The Calypso 14 and 16 use the round port hatch to access and nice area and one of the guys in my group is about to add a port hatch to a 2nd area to his Calypso 16. There are CaperCat 18's but they are rare. Hobie has the Getaway with a small hatch area and other models like the Hobie 18 which gives you hull access via a round port hatch which some users add bags too
  4. There are many throwaway cats being advertised online around the 12-14" ft mark - typically Hawks (and the copycats) as they have poor performance
  5. Totally agree. We have many ex racers and some who still do race in our group so i will never put all the 'racers' into the same basket. To explain the negativity part - it comes when we're solo sailing our H16/H18's or running SPI spinnaker kits on our H16's. Our limitations are endless and not bound by tape. We're also very very competitive and always looking for something to change or adjust for more performance. Members are always willing to give each other a hand, advice etc too. And no we don't have rescue boats but we do have volunteer marine rescue (for then things ar
  6. I hear ya!!! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Might I add too that from my own experiences there is a very defined difference between what I call 'racers' and 'social sailors'. Without naming names and going into detail, lets just say that those who come from serious racing backgrounds often struggle to see the point of what social sailing is all about. They respond with doubt and negativity to the freedom that myself and the group enjoy so much. It could be jealousy.....???
  7. Not sure if you follow my SEQHS facebook page but i started a social sailing group doing exactly as your describing several years ago here in Brisbane and the success is immeasurable. The hardest part is 'finding' those people your talking about, people who aren't linked to existing clubs etc. I started on this forum meeting several people in person and grew from there. I found the best way to 'find' those people was to trawl Gumtree/ebay adverts involving beach cats and simply saying 'here's a really good reason to sail' and that if they sell to please tell the new owners about the g
  8. Wayne since when do you have room for 'another' boat... hahaha
  9. Where are you located? Given your list you have two options - Buying new from the State Hobie Dealer which will be costly OR buy another H14 and use the best parts from both to make one cat. There are plenty of old H14's on the market that are relatively cheap.
  10. Tiller - If money is no option buy new from Sunstate Hobie (Kawana or Murarrie), Brisbane Cat Centre (Richlands), Whitworths Marine or Boating & RV (Capalaba). DIY ali for a cheaper alternative. Side Track - If its the ali track I think it is Bunnings or most hardware stores sell it in the ali extrusions section. I think they call it Caravan annex extrusion?? Do you mean Self tacking jib? Or your after a furler as your jib has no battens? Furlers 2nd hand with pigtail swivel $120ish otherwise new from the above places will cost $180+. The Ronstan RF76 is the go for your 1
  11. Congrats and welcome to the page. Your V 3.5 does look tidy but also unknown to me. If your interested in sailing with other beach cats checkout my fb group called "South East Qld Hobie Sailing" https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthEastQueenslandHobieSailing/ We're a social beach cat group who sail all over SEQ including dams and we also have trips sailing the Whitsunday's. As the name says 'Hobie' we aren't exclusive and include all cat makes and models. We have a huge group of Calypso's as well as Maricats, CaperCats, Hydras, SunDance etc etc.
  12. Great i'll keep you in mind. Would you believe i only just bought a brand new one two weeks ago for my H16.
  13. Guzzis3 we have a nice fleet of Calypso's sailings here in SE Qld. Mostly C16's but afew C14's as well. Here's a photo from a Bay sail in September - taken @ Stradbroke Island
  14. Where are you located Carl? Are these silver or black?
  15. My thought too is that this maybe a CaperCat 18. Whilst you can't see them well the hulls don't look much like a CaperCat 14 shape and somebody mentioned that the CC18 hull lids were in two sections? Jimbo my group don't race around buoys and we're always taking our beach cats on camping trips so the hull storage is appealing even it its slow.....er.........
  16. We've ruled out CaperCat, Calypso and Windrush but shares traits from all three that we can see. Caper hull hatch, Calypso/Caper beams, Windy hull shape?? looks 16ft +
  17. Members of the Calypso FB group have been scratching their heads on what this cat is. Unknown any details other than this photo. Hoping the old salts here might help us. Cheers in advance, Matt
  18. That's exactly what my tramp repair man does here in Brisbane - he's a Kids trampoline repairer using all the same materials, grommets and UV threads. Google will be your best friend there Paul.
  19. I was going to say your in luck with this ad being posted yesterday but i'm guessing its you? Any fiberglass repairs are do-able but require time, money and effort. There's sometimes a cheap Windy or two around Brisbane for sale. If you love sailing it i'd keep the parts for spares and combine the two into one.
  20. There are pros and cons for both materials typically used on beach cats. What you have now is considered to be a mesh material, the alternative being vinyl. Mesh is great and serves many purposes but the vinyl whilst splash proof can also work against you i.e. as jimbo mentioned the wind catches vinyl easily when flying a hull or against you when trying to right. It also doesn't allow the water to simply fall through and will pool in areas. There's a champ in Strathpine who can repair and manufacture new tramps at an affordable price with all the UV threads. Alternatively if your pati
  21. Most of the old H14's came with boom vangs but over time it was realised that you could control the mast rotation using your main sheet and traveler. Another concept to consider re: mast rotation is that the older mast base and mast cup were designed for the mast to be rigged straight. Over time it became evident that raking the mast aft gave more power especially upwind. The downside to this is that the original mast base and mast cup won't work correctly so many people modded the mast base with a higher lip to stop the mast over rotating. Adding the age of these cats it becomes hard
  22. An alternate solution might be to load some pre-bend into the pole, same as the Hobie 16 SPI setup. This is done but pulling the centre of the pole upwards using a line attached to the halyard/bridle point. This then forces the tack end of the pole firmly downwards which would give you alittle more movement between the tack and head for adjustment. Your spin looks like a typical asymmetrical cut to me with alittle belly along the leech.
  23. Hi Tony, several of the guys in my social sailing group SEQHS have been playing with furling spinnakers. To date many of us have had some teething issues based on the furling side of the setup but overall positive results. Many have cut their spinnakers down significantly changing them to more or less be oversized jibs. I run the largest spinnaker being an old code 0 on a Hobie 18 which was used during the old Hogs Breath 1000 days when they raced between Brisbane and Cairns. The code 0 is huge, has allow more shape than the flat cut ones used now and allows me to sail more dead-downw
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