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    perviously race Sailfish, Leader, Heron, scow+skiff Moth, and mucked baout on a sailboard.
    Currently racing Paper Tiger cat & Laser Radial.
    Also sailing Pacer, Sabre, Maricat, Windrush and other as opportunties arise.
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    Artist, Designer, Ecologist, Researcher, Journalist, Sailing Instructor
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  1. At the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club, we have been using a mix of Koonawarra and YV yardsticks. For example: Hobie 14 93 Hobie 14 Turbo 88 Maricat Cat Rig 94 Maricat Cat Rig, Foam hull 92 Maricat Sloop Rig: 2up 94 Maricat Sloop Rig: Foam hull, 2up 92 Maricat Super Sloop:1up +/- trapeze 90 Maricat - Super Sloop + Foam hull 88 Nacra 14 square 85YV Paper Tiger 92 Windrush Cat Rig: 1up 94.5YV Windrush Sloop Rig: 2up 94 Windrush Sloop Rig: 1up 90.5YV Windrush Super Sloop:1up+trapeze 87 YV Weta (1-up) 91YV Weta (2-up) 94YV I was asked "why don't we j
  2. WLBC Regatta this weekend - 12 & 13 march 2016 http://wlbc.org.au/wlbc-regatta/ Expecting warm weather and fresh seabreezes. Volunteers ready to do registration, set courses, run the races, makes lunches, make dinner and serve at the bar. We've got 6 cases of beer and a variety of wines for the 20 or so people expected to turn up. Responsible serving of alcohol? Absolutely. It's better if they can't walk to their car. On-site camping / vanning / club house squatting OK. Or I've got a couple of spare beds minutes away. Should be fun! WLBC NOR 16.pdf
  3. The latest issue of the Australian Paper Tiger newsletter (APT) is now available for download. It's a 24page issue, with reports on the past internationals, nationals and various state titles, promos for upcoming nationals and inters, classifieds and more. 4mb pdf file: http://www.papertigercatamaran.org/aptca/media/newsletters/APT-19.pdf
  4. Updated list for this season: 3 - 4 October 2015 Jervis Bay Regatta http://www.jervisbaysailingclub.org/ 3 -5 October 2015, Forster Wild Cat http://www.foxsportspulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?assoc=9974&pID=1 3 – 5 October Wagga Wagga Regatta http://www.waggawaggasailingclub.com.au/ 9-10 Oct, 2015 Mannering Park 14’ Cat Regatta http://www.mannering.../temp/index.php 31 Oct - 1 Nov 2015 ACT Multihulls, Maricat States http://www.canberra....es/default.aspx 7 – 8 Nov 2015 KCC Top Gun Regatta http://www.kcc.asn.au/ 14 - 15 Nov 2015 ACT Dinghy Champs http://canberrayc.com/ 28-29 Nov, Kembla Klassic h
  5. Regattas on/near the south-coast of NSW: Jervis Bay Regatta 3 - 4 October 2015 http://www.jervisbaysailingclub.org/ ACT Multihulls 31 Oct - 1 Nov 2015 http://www.canberra.ymca.org.au/sailing/events/Pages/default.aspx ACT Dinghy Champs 14 - 15 Nov 2015, http://canberrayc.com/ Twofold Bay Regatta (Eden) 20 - 21 Feb 2016 http://www.twofoldbayyc.yachting.org.au/assoc_page.cgi?c=1-10021-0-0-0&sID=64418# Coila Lake Regatta 20 - 21 Feb 2016 http://www.otb.bbsc.org.au/ Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club regatta 5 - 6 March 2016 https://www.facebook.com/sailjindabyne Kembla Cats 5 - 6 March 2016 http://ww
  6. Would you please explain more about these KCC Regattas? Why is it "Top Gun", why the Bay Classic, and who wants to be known as the "Cock of the bay"? (I can think of YNSW Official based at KCC who deserves the title...) Which of these will have a decent course for a small cat?
  7. That's during the ACT Multihull Championships, at YMCA Sailing Club, Yarralumla, Oct 31 - Nov 1. The event is also a round of the Paper Tiger State Pointscore. Windrush, Hobies, Weta and Nacra also expected to be in attendance. Should be great racing!
  8. I've found towing with a car too small did wear out the engine prematurely. And there wasn't enough weight on the front wheels, so it would wheel-spinin 2nd trying to get up hills and skid under brakes. That was a Holden Barina (Suzuki Swift) towing 2 paper tigers on a big 7 x 4 box trailer... Photo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=488568279866&l=26e50b48cb The little Barina towed those boats from Mallacoota to Melbourne, to Kembla, to Canberra, to Lake Macquaire, to Batemans Bay. Probably of the 100,000km I did in it, more than half was towing boats. I upgraded to a Ford Laser (Ma
  9. Some confusing wording on the MPASC website then "2015 14' Open Cat Reagatta 10th and 11th of October 2015 Notice of Race here."
  10. 3-4 Oct 2015, Jervis Bay Regatta http://www.jervisbaysailingclub.org/ 9-10 Oct, 2015 Mannering Park Open Cat Regatta http://www.manneringparkasc.org.au/temp/index.php 31 Oct - Nov 1, ACT Multihull Champs http://www.canberra.ymca.org.au/sailing/events/Pages/default.aspx 28-29 Nov, Kembla Klassic http://www.pksc.com.au/ 28 Dec - 3 Jan, Paper Tiger National Champs, Wallaroo SA http://papertigercatamaran.org/aptca/ 23-25 Jan, Paper Tiger NSW State Champs, Koonawarra http://nswptca.papertigercatamaran.org/index.php/regattas-and-events 13-14 Feb 2016, Coila Lake Regatta http://www.otb.bbsc.org.au/ 1
  11. When trying to convert yardsticks from overseas, I use the Hobie14 and Hobie 16 to compare data. Those boats have been around for 40 years, have never changed, and there's some in every country. It would make sense to me to have seperate tables for windward - leeward boats (yardstick less than 84?) and those who sail triangles.
  12. The Yachting Victoria Yardsticks are as contentious as ever, with changes, ommissions and errors. The list is here: http://vic.yachting.org.au/get_file.cgi?id=3363604 Comparing them to the 2012-13 yardsticks, some classes have had substantial changes. For example: Arafura 113, up from 108 Arrow 89.5, up from 89 (despite new masts and sails making the class faster) F14 deleted, was 72 Maricat 4.3 Cat 94.5, 1 up: +2 for pre Foam Sandwich Hulls. Up from 94, 1 up: -2 for Foam Sandwich Hulls Mosquito cat (Mk1) 83.5, up from 83 Mosquito sloop (MkII) 81.5, down from 82 Paper Tiger 92.5, up from 91.5
  13. There has been an increase in sailors and cats at the Southern Highlands Sailing Club, who sail on Fitzroy Falls Reservoir. They can't organise a regatta, because they are restricted to sailing on Sundays. It was also suggested that a few of us experienced cat sailors could drop by one day, maybe offer the locals a few tips. The club is keen and has adopted my joke name of the Gatecrash Regatta. To be held Sunday April 12. It'll be fun! I've suggested we each put $10 in a hat, winner takes all, and the club is also offering a small prize, for winner on yardstick. They've created it as an event
  14. my Paper Tiger and Dad's nacra 14 square confirmed, as usual. This regatta one of the highlights of the season; a fantastic place to race and great turn-out of boats. We rig up on Corrigan's Beach, look out for the sandbar at low tide, go around Snapper Island and sail in the bay before the Toll Gates. https://goo.gl/maps/ztZca Love it when there's an easterly swell rolling through. For accommodation, I favour the "studio units" at the Big4 Batemans Bay Beach Resort, which is walking distance to the club and rigging area. The big cats are usually seen parked on thebeach in front of the Clyde V
  15. a club member here at Wallagoot NSW may be interested, Where is the boat? Sorry; just saw in another thread - Bundaberg Qld. Bit too far from here
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