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  1. The Facts Sept 2010 - I looked at this boat when the last owner had it for sale for $2800. 25 February 2011 - I questioned why new owner Humungus 2 was now selling it for $5500. February and March - a couple of members (but not the owner of the boat) who did not like the fact that I questioned the new price start the slinging of insults and slagging me off. 25 March 2011 - the price is suddenly dropped to the realistic amount of $3500. Proving that I was CORRECT in my questioning of the $5500 price. These are the FACTS of the matter. To Humungus 2: I hope that you do sell the boat now
  2. This post was originally supposed to be an advert for a boat for sale, not a venue for personal attack on a member who has expressed an opinion you don't like.
  3. Thank You Humungus2 Thank you for responding in a rational and sensible way humungus2. It sounds like you are right when you say I am being a bit harsh. I apologise to you for doing this. I was judging the boat's condition by when I inspected it last September, when Marcus had it for sale for $2800. I appreciate that it is very easy to spend thousands on repairing or upgrading a boat, but as you would probably know you don't get all of that back when you sell it. To those who have felt the need to respond in an aggressive or irrational manner: Having inspected the boat myself 5 months
  4. I have seen it, I spent about 2 hours looking at it. Message deleted. taboo subject.
  5. Boat Number 1, Sail Number 1, "Bells and Whistles", was $2800 in Trading Post.. Message deleted. Apparently I raised a taboo subject.
  6. Contact Aon Insurance. Hi there, get in contact with AON insurance. I was referred to them by a clubmate after similar ridiculous requests from other insurers. They are also very competitively priced, I found about 30% less than anyone else. As other clubmates have found out, they also come through with the goods when you have to make a claim. I wouldn't bother with the 20 year bizzo, just tell them what they want to hear, i.e 15. Do get racing risk extension cover if you are going to be racing. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi there, you may have got some sails by now(15 nov), but I've seen there's some for sale in the trading post. Details are: #Phone 07 5479 6111 #Location Maroochydoore, sunshine coast,Qld. #Blue,red orange,yellow #Battens #Good Order #asking $399 Hope this helps [This message has been edited by glider (edited 15 November 2009).]
  8. Hi there Humungus 2, there are 2 nacra 16sq. in the trading post. Both in Brisbane or S.E. QLD. They are both $9000 - $9500. There is also one listed by "Johnsy" in the boats for sale on catsailor on the 7th.sept, also $9000. I don't know about you but I would'nt want to spend this much on a "casual purchase" to "sell on" after Hervey Bay as you may have trouble getting your money back. Hope these help anyway. [This message has been edited by glider (edited 15 November 2009).]
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