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  1. Sold SOLD today in NSW. I wish all the best to the new owner who will make good usage of her. From now on, watch out AUS151, or her trail in the water if too far ahead ;-) With me helming it, you could most certainly wave to me on your way back of course whilst I would still be on my first tack ;-) Thanks to those who have requested more information about the boat (Including from New-Zealand, sorry I was not up to the challenge of shipping it to NZ) Pascal
  2. Price reduced from $9,500 to $8,500 Yes indeed, I did from $9,500 to $8,500 Are you interested ? Regards Pascal
  3. Nacra F18 (AUS151) NSW - FOR SALE $8,500 (Photo of new spinnaker snuffler) Reduced to $8,500 We are keen to sell it as you can see Hull have been nicely cleaned Boat has been fitted with a new spinnaker snuffler, see photo attached.
  4. Nacra F18 AUS 151 Manufactured 2005 (Model prior to infusion) (Ex Garry Gornall boat - GooseMarine WA) Since we have purchased the boat has never raced only practising in Botany Bay as I am already racing twice a week on keel boat in Sydney Harbour. Recently fitted (Sep 2010) with latest spinnaker snuffler Boat comes with: - 1 main - 2 jibs (1 new never been used) - 1 kite (only used once since we have purchased the boat) - New galvanised trailer - Board covers (transport bag) - Bow Transport Hull Covers - Beach trailer Also comes with spare parts : - 1 spare tiller extension
  5. Not to keen about cutting the tube as I think it is a better option than the soft one. Don't ask me why please Nevertheless, I still need to fix it as both fixation to the pole are broken so it would need to be done too. I am not sure I will be coming Sunday as Thomas is in India at the moment. I guess the option would be to ban the road trailers from the yard As between a road trailer and a cat's hull, trailer will always win, I guess Not a big drama, we got over it already long time ago
  6. Any indication on overall cost for this type of work ? Pascal
  7. What do you mean by we damaged it already ? In fact, no we didn't ! Or we haven't done it all. Some undelicate person damage the hull (most likely with his trailer whilst rotating it to get out) whilst in the yard and didn't have the balls to tell us ;-( What can you say, ou boat is not equipped yet with video surveillance So we have to get over it and get it repaired. Now the spinnaker tube, is ours only A unfortunate capsize and the crew ended up on the tube, part of the learning curve I guess. Thanks for the info, I will contact Mark in order to get some quote from him.
  8. I am looking for a good fibreglasser in NSW possibly not too far from Sydney
  9. I got the same explanation in regards to bacteria. So now I need to figure out whether salt is doing more damage than bacteria
  10. Certainly less skilled hands But hands wiling to learn their way, OK old hands, but still capable of learning a bit may be not to be at the top but as Pierre de Coubertin (Olympic games founder in their modern format) used to say : "L'essentiel est de participer" ("It is less important to win than to take part") or "the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well." We will training at Kurnell Catamaran Club (NSW). Looking forward to see the stern of most other boat with a big smile still The ex-owner, Goose Marine (WA - Gary Gornall), has delivered the boat from Perth to S
  11. We do have the F18 now, and are still looking for a second set of sails which could fit our Nacra F18. We have a spare jib so we are looking for a spare main and gennaker (kite) Pascal
  12. We have purchased the Magic Marine Ultimate and after one sail, I must admit that you can't feel it at all, so I guess a good test. Will post again to confirm later. Oh well, we have purchased an F18 too (Nacra) Pascal
  13. Looks like there is different schools here. Some say that fresh water is not good for the sail hence washing them after sailing in salt water is not good. Some religiously wash the sail in detail after each sailing drill. I guess the concept is either fresh water is doing more damage than crystal of salt on the long run. We do have a decent set of sails on our F18 and the idea is to do whatever it takes to keep them in pristine conditions. Any ideas on that matter ? please share them with the community.
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