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  1. 1700 for a mast any 2 nd hand boats for sale
  2. John what is the best price on your stingray and do you have any photos
  3. Wanted stingray catamaran mast mk 2. Country SA
  4. I am looking for a main and zipper luff jib for a mk2 stingray
  5. I am looking for a main and jib for a mk 2 stingray
  6. We finally got the mast up, put the fore stay into the fitting and pinned it then pulled back on the trapeze wires and adjusted the side stays to get some rig tension.We sailed our first club race won by 15 minutes against 3 Mosquitos but had some weather helm. Does this mean our mast rake is wrong our is there another way of correcting this? The fore stay was set as short as it would go. How much rig tension should there be?
  7. I have just bought a stingray ( 501 Exocet), how is the rig tensioned? With a rope like a mosquito? There is a strange fitting on the bridle but I think something is missing.
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