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  1. Darcy or Pointed, do you recommend replacing the rubbers on the stearing arm, or just biting the bullet and extending so that a bolt will work? Which is the best option generally? Thanks!
  2. We have finally made some progress on the trailer. Stripped all the old paint and rust off yesterday and primed it ready for the top coat etc. Photos here: http://maricatmaintenance.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/progress-on-trailer.html
  3. Flight Centre are giving away a trip worth $120,000, including a visit to Istanbul, London, China and Scotland. Includes a HEAP of different perks and spending money etc. If you guys want a chance at winning this trip of a lifetime, follow this link and participate in the "challenges" they have on there. They are really basic honestly. You also score $100 Flight Centre voucher just for completing the 4 challenges. Link: http://www.captainsmission.com.au/?ref=308fPBCweZAxHX1 Good Luck! Mark
  4. I know this is probably frowned upon, but we are in desperate need of a place to store our catamaran. Widespan Sheds is running a comp on Facebook, in which they are essentially giving away a shed. Would you be willing to follow this link and like their page to give us a chance to win a shed? http://apps.facebook.com/widespansheds/?twitter_referrer=NzI1Njc0MjM2 Thanks so much! Mark
  5. Thanks very much for all the replies guys! I just remembered that I have pictures of my sail on that page I may have shown before. You will see it in about the bottom 3rd of this page: http://www.mdastudios.com.au/maricat/mystic.html Pointed, I am led to believe, from Mick, and from someone who saw my photos and contacted me, that my Mari could be at least 35 years old. The person who contacted me said he used to own Mystic over 30 years ago, and he got it second hand at the time. The photos show you a little more of her in her poor state. There is a photo of the label on the sail on there t
  6. http://www.seabreeze.com.au/Img/Photos/Sailing/3443188.jpg My sails look identical to these ones, infact, my cat is just like the one in the foreground with the light blue hulls. My sail is numbered 510, but I have been told by some that it may not be the original sail, and may well not be genuine either, despite having that logo on it. Does anyone know anything about these sails? Thanks Mark
  7. You do realise you are making this all sound very enticing for a complete newb over here. And I can't even sail properly....
  8. I'll really have to make sure I do a good job of repairing that trailer of mine if I intend to take it all the way down to Cockroach territory!
  9. Not that it is any of my business, nor do I have any part to play in it, but that does sound like a wise suggestion on surface value, assuming the Windrush 14's were into it. Being a Nationals, I guess you expect to have to travel, but for many self funded amateures, I imagine the travel is simply unviable. For example, Mannering Park would be a 10 hour drive for me. I don't think I could make such a treck unless it were turned into a week long holiday.
  10. Some quite understandable issues there! Sounds like it isn't very well supported either. I would consider using some of our resources and expertise to help promote the thing for a little while if the association were interested. There may be a few things we could do to help out. Honestly, it seems to me that sailing in general is in dire need of a resurgance in popularity. I am not sure why though. I have been thinking about it for the past few weeks and as yet don't have any answers.
  11. If you are interested, I have done a new blog post about my work so far on the trailer. There is a photo in there too, though it is a bit dud. Comments are always appreciated http://maricatmaintenance.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/catamaran-trailer-repair.html
  12. When is it scheduled for next year? That may put some pressure on me to hurry up and get Mystic on the water and get practicing....
  13. I think everyone is out of money. Given half a chance, and a more flexible minister for finance, I would be all over that $1200 Mari!
  14. Hi Phoenix, Are you still thinking of doing up the Mari? I would be happy to see if I can helpo at all too as I am going through the process myself. re the trailer, you may well be able to find one second hand for a LOT less than that you are looking at for a new one, and with a little work, it could come up quite nicely. Have a ferret around. I got my tramp remade by a local canvas place for $250. I am really happy with the results, so you could look into that. Though, they would probably need at least half of the old one to model it off. I gave them my old one that was all ripped up and th
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