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  1. Norman here.....my phone is 0754796111 . What parts do you need ?
  2. Did you get a caper cat ? How is it going ? How is it going ? I sail one on the Sunshine Coast. I am planning a trip to Great Sandy in September school holidays. jonesrn@optusnet.com.au 0754796111 ps please say where you are in Australia.
  3. Hobie 16 sails in very good condition I have a set which are one season old....Genuine hobie racing sails. Phone 0754796111.
  4. Hi, Does anyone there want a set of Hobie miracle hulls ? I have some for sale. Norm Jones Qld 0754796111
  5. caper cat sails I have caper cat sails for sale in good order ....phone 0754796111
  6. I have some spare parts for a calypso 16. Phone 0754796111.
  7. hobie 18 very good hulls, new mast, near new sails, good beams, boom, 7:1 mainsheet blocks, needs new tramp mat, good foils, Maroochydore 0754796111
  8. cat trailer Where are you located ? .................. Trailer in Maroochydore Qld 0754796111
  9. What type of cat do you have ? Each mast has a different profile, and your foot fitting will not fit just any mast.
  10. Tidy-up sale of parts for Catamarans : Caper Cat 14, Calypso cat , Alpha Omega 4.4, Hobie, Kula cat, Hydra, Maricat 4.3, Windrush 14 I have enjoyed restoring small sailing catamarans for many years. Inevitably, there are bits left over, when 2 boats are made into one good one. This is the result. Caper Cat 14 : beam cover castings, genuine Caper aluminium spade rudder blades, mast with float, stays, boom, one top quality set of sails, boom, stainless gooseneck, hatch cover, 2 duckbills , front beam, main beam, rear beam, beach rollers with a stainless axle, RF76 jib furler, new hinge type
  11. I am a catamaran sailing bower-bird at Maroochydore Qld. Please phone 0754796111 if you need parts. I have a tidy jib from a similar sized boat. You can buy it for $100. Postage should be about $20. jonesrn@optusnet.com.au
  12. I have a Hobie 18 on galvanised trailer. It has a new mast, very good hulls (hard to find) , near new mainsail, roller furling jib, no corrosion on beams and boom, good rudder system, tidy foils, twin trapeze. All original Hobie parts. It needs a new tramp mat which costs about $300 on ebay. Buy the lot for $2500. Please email if you want photos etc. Norman Jones ph 0754796111 Maroochydore
  13. I have a fibreglass flying 11 for sale...ph 0754796111 This boat is eleven feet long and has an aluminium mast and boom, mainsail and jib. These boats are a popular sail training boat for 10-12 year olds. Buoyancy tanks both ends. Price $600 . Maroochydore Qld .
  14. There is a Calypso 14 on ebay....very tidy and on Sunshine Coast
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