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  1. After a maricat 4.3, preperably in South Australia
  2. After a pair of 4.3 hulls. Preferably in South Australia. Or willing to buy whole boat for a fair price
  3. Just in front of the rear beam I have a long crack running just alongside where the upper and lower hulls are joined. The joint is secure, bur right where the hull starts to bend upward there is a crack qhich goes all the way through the hull. I dont want to open up the hull to get inside. Any suggestions to fixing from the outside.
  4. After a jib for a 4.3 maricat. In good condition. Mine currently held together with lots of tape and is completely blown out.
  5. Where the traveller bolts onto the hull, it is starting to come away. The hull has a small crack in it, and it looks like the flat plate that the bolts go through is gradually breaking away from the hull. Any ideas on how to repair. Geoffo
  6. Hey Rich, If you drop me your e-mail address I can send you some pics. I can be contacted at ggrayd@yahoo.com. Looks good, and so far showing no signs of coming out. Geoffo
  7. After a jib for a 4.3m maricat. Any suggestions where I can obtain one.....new or used.
  8. I sail with a jib, but on high wind days struggle to keep the hull from digging in. I weigh 90kg, but even sitting almost on top of the traveller track, I cannot get the bow to lift. It would appear that the power in the main and jib is forcing the front of the boat down. I dont want to sheet out, but fear that If I "go for it", the nose is just going to dig in. How can I convert the power from pushing the nose, to forward momentum. Is it just a matter or raking the sail back a bit, as you would on a sailboard.
  9. Saw a suggestion in Forum that you could substitute caravan rope track instead of the antiquated way of securing the trampoline with a rivited piece of aluminium strip. After awhile the rivets corrode, the hulls start to leak where the rivets have pulled loose, and the whole thing is a mess. For $25 for rope track, and a bit of fibreglass, I have toatally fixed the leaking hulls, and forever have securely fixed the tramp. Looks neat as well.
  10. Anyone know where I might be able to get a coloured trampoline for a Maricat 4.3
  11. Fixed the hull similarly to as I suggested and have taken it out in 25knot plus winds a few times since. No movement in stays at all. Removed some of the side rubber and replaced it with 60cm long c section of aluminium, bolted through in 4 places, beside original 4. Placed 4 layers of fibreglass over crack and using masking tape shaped to a neat rectangular shape. Looks like part of the boat.
  12. Noticed quite severe cracking in the hull just under where the portside stay attaches. There is quite a bit of movement when I try to flex where the two pieces of the hull are joined. As its impossible to get inside the hull to reinforce, I thought aht I might take the gelcoat off back to the fibreglass, and apply reinforcing over the crack, and up to where the hulls meet. Also attached a longer piece of stainless steele to distribute the load on the hull over a larger area. Would appreciate any other suggestions. Is this something I can safely tackle?
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