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  1. Port Stephens Winter in Paradise Regatta is on again. July 15 & 16 at Port Stephens Sailing and Aquatic Club, Soldier's Point NSW. NOR and other details (incl accomodation, etc) at: www.pssac.com. All classes welcome, we look forward to seeing you on the water.
  2. Sweet 16 has been sold, she is going back to Mannering Park. Thanks ZAX for all your help, much appreciated. I hope to see you all at the next Winter in Paradise regatta at PSSAC. Cheers, Darryl Eggins
  3. Sweet 16 is up for sale!! The boat is in excellent, as new condition. I've hardly sailed it since purchasing from John Merle who had done a complete overhaul on it. Unfortunately poor health has not allowed me to get on the water as much as I would have liked. The Flower mainsail is still in new condition & an as new trampoline. I've added adjustable chainplates to fore and back stays, 8:1 cunningham, reconditioned trailer, signwriting and new beach rollers. She is fast!!! Call Darryl Eggins (02) 4981 0145
  4. At the recent PSSAC Winter Regatta I discussed getting some inter-club racing underway. Our first race of the season is Sep 4, we're keen to get back on the water and as I'm the one and only cat (I bought John Merle's Sweet 16) I'd really appreciate some competition and tips on boat setup. I'm happy to sail at Tanilba some Saturdays. So would be stoked if some Mari sailors turn up at Soldier's Point for the occaisonal Sunday. It's one of the best sailing venues I've ever seen, so come along one and all. My contact details are: Darryl Eggins, deggz@bigpond.net.au, (02) 4981 0145. Look forward t
  5. Thanks to all the Mari sailors who turned up for our Winter Regatta at PSSAC. Unfortunately we had a little too much wind, but it's a great location for a regatta. Plenty of open space on the water and very few other boats. I'd be happy to discuss holding future events at Soldier's Point. The weekend gave me the opportunity to catch up with the Tanilba crowd, hopefully we'll get some inter-club racing going this summer as discussed guys. Once again, thanks for your support. See you on the water.
  6. I bought Sweet 16 from John and am sailing at Port Stephens Sailing and Aquatic Club up at Soldiers Point. The boat is a flyer (thanks John). A bit disappointed though with lack of competition up here at what is currently a very small club mostly made up of Lasers. Will have to come down to Mannering Park one weekend soon just to see how I'm sailing. Cheers,
  7. Can anyone tell me where I might find a hobie style f'glass trailer gear box and a set of beach rollers to suite a Mari 4.3? New or used (good condition if used). Thanks.
  8. WANTED - 14' cat in good racing condition. Prefer Mari 4.3, Paper Tiger or similar. Live at Nelson Bay and tired of looking at all that great water & not being on it!!Contact Darryl on (02) 4981 0145 or deggz@bigpond.net.au
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