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  1. Hi Frank, I am selling some old Windrush 14 parts. 1 a tramp Blue. need stitching but material still strong And some 2 off rudders in stocks not complete. Can send photos to your email address. Location Brisbane north Cheers Leon .
  2. Mark,, The Calypso 4.4 good little boat. no structural problem that I have herd off. Can get parts from Lr sails Brisbane. Bow bit short so can nose dive a bit. Sail plan out dated for now days but you can do what ever you like now. Rudders are push down system that lock in with a rope to hold them tight. Mast quite easy to lift no spreaders. come to the Lake weekend might be one in the boat yard for you to see. Remember you got to move it around your self and rig it by your self to.
  3. Great Little club on the North Side of Brisbane. Still has plenty of water in to sail on.
  4. Sprinter.. recommend putting your question on Sailing Anarchy vin multi hull forum.. you will bet lots of response there. Good find
  5. https://www.sailwave.com/results/Humpybong_Winterbash_2019_Open.htm
  6. Hello Paul here is a link to the results.. Thank you for coming the club appreciates this... https://www.sailwave.com/results/Humpybong_Winterbash_2019_Open.htm Other sites are on social media
  7. Humpybong Yacht Club 18 hrs · Less than 10 days to go and the forecast is looking great for WinterBash IV on 27-28 July. This is real sailing - take on the sea and the weather in a true test of your seamanship. You are competing against the other competitors but you are also testing out your own skills. Day One, the Three Can Bash sets you the challenge of sailing a course without it being set up to suit the winds - you sail the course as is - tides, seas and wind are your challenge. Day two is the real test - Woody Point to Sho
  8. https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/piano.revolutionise.com.au/events/reypfu6qhuc7kfyj.pdf
  9. all events Winterbash IV 2019 Registration for event closes at Sun 28 Jul 2019 10:00. Sat 27 Jul 2019 09:00 - Sun 28 Jul 2019 17:00 Humpybong Yacht Club, Hornibrook Esp, Woody Point QLD 4019Register Who's going? Over the weekend of the 27th and 28th of July 2019, the Humpybong Yacht Club will host the fourth annual WinterBash regatta for yachts, multihulls, trailer sailers, off-the-beach dinghies and catamarans. Humpybong Yacht Club is a family focused sailing club and we actively encourage competitors of all experience levels to take part. We have advi
  10. Go to the queensland A class face book page and ask there. \Or talk to the A class sailors in your state what they do. Shhh don't mention carbon
  11. Marathon in Humpy bash. I don't think so.
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