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Found 4 results

  1. I have a new (in box) black trampoline and lacing kit for a nacra 5.2. Paid ~$500 Tenara thread Velcro pocket Bar cover https://multihullnets.com/Prices/Nets/StockBeachCat/bcDetails.aspx?PartNumber=N-5.2OBC $300 (you pay shipping)
  2. The grommets holding the hiking straps have pulled out of the mesh in the middle of the tramp on one side of my Weta trimaran and I need to add a patch of mesh material to cover the holes but also because I want to change the strap system to more like the H16/H14. With the strap stitched at one end to the tramp edge, through a webbing loop in the centre of the tramp, and then a loop in the webbing at the other end so a line can be fed through the loop and tied off underneath the tramp allowing the length to be adjusted. I'll then use some bungee to keep it taught. Can anyone give me then contact details for a supplier of small amounts of the black polypropylene mesh material in Australia? Thanks Paul
  3. I have an old 14' Caper Cat. I put my knee through the trampoline the other day, and it is pretty far gone. The existing mat, and most that I have seen, are like a jumping Trampoline -- a mesh, which lets the water in and out. The trouble is that if a third person is sitting on the mat they get very wet from the splash. I am thinking about using a waterproof material instead of the porous mat. The mat is made in two pieces, with a big gap down the middle, which I would expect to allow them to drain pretty well. And most of the incoming water comes up through the mat rather than up over the bar. But I wonder if that is actually a good idea. Have people had experience with similar? Also, pointers as to where to get a mat. We are on the Sunshine Coast.
  4. Hi all I am planning to make a new tramp sometime soon. Do you know where I can purchase the fabric and bolt rope? I am in Victoria but I assume it is relatively easy to post. Cheers Matthew
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