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I made a DVD about catamaran sailing...including three major parts : initiation (50 mns), advanced techniques (1h30 mns) and competition (2h 30)

There is 5 hours of film on 2 DVDs, including large multiangle sequences where you

can choose your view angle to analyze the sailing technique of the best

sailors on A-class, tornado, Formula 18....

there are 3D images, interviews and multiangle sequences with Mitch Booth, Herbert dercksen, Darren Bundock, Glenn Ashby,

Ross Duncan, Scott Anderson, Gavin Colby etc...

If you want to know more, you can download some little clips at this address, you will also find a [.txt] file where there is always a valid ebay address


Until 26-Jan-05 You can buy at this place :


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I got a bite !!! I cant beleive it . Didn't you notice the emoticon with the wink .

My line was I wonder if this guy "who put in alot of effort " has ever copied a CD or DVD himself , Interesting as I imagine the artists who make a music CD would not put much effort in would they .

I do agree though it is a good DVD .

Just crap stirring .

Anyone know of a Prindle 18 for sale ?


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Can someone please tell me the title of the DVD?? I have looked on boatbooks.com.au but can't seem to find anything.


....Don't worry, I found it eventually.

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