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Hi there all,

I am doing a story in my magazine about the impact of the drought to recreation. I would love to have a contact for someone that sails in the west, like Lake Cargellico or somewhere there is now no water to sail on.

Any help would be great.



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Hi Matt

No need to go to the outback, try south west Victoria, Derrinallum Yacht Club, although in a small country town, was well supported, however I think its something like 10 years now (it scares me to think its been that long) since we've been able to use Deep Lake.

The lake is as dry as chip, not a puddle in sight, and now grown over with grass and weeds, it would in my opinion take 3-4 years of above average rains and mild summers to bring the lake back to its former glory.

The lake is home to the Derrinallum Yacht and Powerboat Club, Derrinallum Angling Club and once housed the local college rowing club.



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How far west do you want to go?

There is plenty of water in Lake Argyle, near Kununnarra in WA, especially after a good wet season. This is a huge body of fresh water, many times bigger than Sydney Harbour. The southern extremity of the Lake extends way over the horizon. I sailed my taipan there a few years ago over Easter. High rocky cliffs and a general lack of wind doesn't make for good sailing, unfortunately.

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