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What type of PFD do you wear?

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hi all,

Seeing as im new to this i was wondering what type of PFD you guys wear?

Ive been wearing my Type 3 wetsuit one that i used when waterskiing.

But i almost got hit with the boom the other day and i was thinking that if i did and landed in the water a type 1 would be much more useful..

what do you do?


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Nacra 430, no boom!!!

Seriously, I wear a type 2, and get slagged about it all the time as it is fluro yellow. I've had it since 91 and haven't ever had drama. I considered the inflating type, but i stuck with what I knew worked.

Love the look of the new Magic Marine Jackets, After the F18 lads come in, they don't seem to take them off as quick as i want to get out of mine.

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The "Type 1" includes buoyancy to keep the head supported when in the water. On the "Quiksilver Maxi" I used this mean a big collar which flapped and beat me around the head while sailing.


After Paper Tigers passed a rule to allow camel-backs, I got a Type 2 "Pinnacle Ultra" kayaker's buoyancy vest, which has camel-back built in, front pockets and lots of adjustment. Very comfy. However Racing Rules still dont allow camel-backs so it was a waste of money.


POssibly a Type 1 "Life Jacket" (as opposed to type 2 or 3 buoyancy vest) will be required if sailing in open water:

http://www.seabreeze.com.au/News/Sailing/Public-comment-sought-on-new-NS W-lifejacket-laws_3133728.aspx

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You'll soon get sick of the Type 1 collars, they get caught on wires and rope all the time. I don't let our juniors sail with them at our club because they're more likely to get they're head caught under water in a capsize. If you go to a sailing shop and try some on you'll find the slimmer and more comfortable the vest is the dearer it is.

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Don't buy a black one. They are fashionable at the moment but they are crap. Stinking hot in summer and once in the water your invisible. I bought mine over the internet and didn't tick a colour box, it ended up being black.

I have 2 fancy Black Magic Marine PFDs if anyone wants to swap for an equivalent value old fashioned orange or yellow one.

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