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Windy 14 with mylar and trailer for sale


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Windy 14, white bulkhead boat in fair condition with registered trailer. Mylar main + jib near new #6339 with fewer than 20 races on them. Cruising main also included. Rollers, spare ropes and heaps of hardware. It all has to go. Doctor has pulled me off the boat indefinitely and that's all she wrote. Boat cost me $1500, sails cost me $2200. Will sell the lot for best offer over $1500. Email me at martin.oshannessy@westnet.com.au for some photos.

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Originally posted by TornadoSport260:

Hey Martin,.....

Was it a back problem?



No Michael- torn the biceps tendons on both arms - they won't heal unles I lay off completely for min 3 months (maybe not heal at all pending further assessments) - I thought it best to let the boat go rather than have it looking at me every day!


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