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Maricat Main Halyard

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To give you some history on your boat. 007 was originally owned by Ron Sumner if it is the same boat. It was a fast and well rigged boat in its time.

I would suggest to rig the sail and attach the halyard, hoist it to the top and mark on the halyard wire where the locking swage should go. Keep in mind that it needs to be about 10 - 15mm longer to allow you to pull the swage past the lock on the mast when you hoist it. Doing it this way you will be sure to get it accurate, sometimes the position of the halyard lock, shackle sizes used and type of pully used in the mast head all vary this measurement. Ideally if you are intending to race the boat some time it is best to try to have the sail hoisted as close to the top of the mast as possible, keep this in mind when measuring the positio of the swage.

Hope this helps !

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