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mari mast wanted urgently


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After your last post i hate to think why you need a maricat mast for:P

Originally posted by Humungus

hey guys i was just thinking how GAY i am and i have a really big head. i try to be cool listening to eminem and stuff but its just mid life crises....

PS.. sorry Arthur but i couldn't resist frown.gif

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I checked with Darcy today about the masts. I think one of them is ok to use for general club racing etc. For the States I am happy to provide a better one on loan.

Some of the guys are using a section made for the mosquito cat which happens to have the same dimensions as the maricat section and is less expensive. I don't know how to source these but someone else on the forum amy be able to answer? One of the sloops was using this section at the Nationals.

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