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Any chance of getting some new photos put up on the Maricat web site.

There seem to be a few new Maricat sailors logging on and it would be good to see a some new shots of Maris in action.

On the subject of new sailors Ive just bought a Paper Tiger and this weekend will most likely be the last time racing my Mari,hopefully my kids will get intrested one day and take it for a spin,its a great introduction boat to cat sailing.

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As a keen PT sailor, I congratulate you on your choice of purchasing a PT.

Are you at a club with other PTs?

Or do you need to be put in touch with other PT sailors?

As publicity officer for the Paper Tiger Catamaran class in Australia, I am in a position to provide you with assistance in this area.

Should you need any information about the class, please post to the PT forum on catsailor.net. You can also check out the various PT web sites, starting with www.papertigercatamaran.org (the overall PT site). You can also check out the Australian site from its home page.

Once again, well done on choosing a PT. Hopefully we'll see you at the next Nationals (you can check the 2006 Nationals web site from the main PT site as well).


Dave Stumbles.

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Warrier is part of the tascat committee in tassie, he should know the PT boys.

If you didnt already know we are having the tasmanian state championships for catamarans at lauderdale this weekend. I believe the PT's are using this event as thier state champs as well.

the weather forecast looks great (mid to high 20's) for three days of sailing.

NOR: http://www.catsailor.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=458

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