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How repair hull slot/groove for trampoline


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My maricat 4.3s is about 25-30 years old. I recently replaced the tramp but now one of the aluminium strips on the hulls (that make the slot/groove for the tramp to slide into)has started to pull out (ie the rivets are pulling out of the fibreglass) & the tramp has pulled out of the slot.

What's the best fix for this as simply re-rivetting may not work? Was thinking that i may need to get access to the inside hull (install an inspection port?), put a backing strip in (aluminium strip just like on the outside?) and then use bolts between the upper & lower strips rather than rivets?

any suggestions appreciated

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Riviting will usually be ok. Most of the maricats from Mannering Park have replaced the standard aluminium track with caravan track that holds the tramp far better. Maybe someone else from the forum can give you more detail on that. Or give Darcy a call from Mannering Park Sailing club, he has performed this repair many times now and would be happy to advise. Basically the original track is a poor design.

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