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Couple of Modifications


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A few weeks back I promised to post some photos of the rudder downhaul towers that I built. Thanks to Commodore/photographer Darren I can now deliver.

Hopefully this is the link


The rudder downhaul system is great for getting out through a beach break, and very nice to use when racing. The towers are reinforced polyester, with white flow coat.

Downhaul is as suggested by Dave Preece. Very smooth and powerful, and I highly recommend it.

Bungied righting rope is neat, easy to use, and light. Critical to have it long enough to be able to recover from a full turtle.

Wish you good sailing at the Titles over Easter.

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Pete, thanks for that. All the systems on your boat look great and easy to follow with the pictures you have posted.

Do you get any problem when letting the traveller out all the way? Does it ever get caught in the rudder downhaul system?

Also with your vang, what is the purchase on that? Is it 8:1? not sure with the plate you have on it?


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The vang is 6:1. The plate operates only as a spreader to stop the ropes and wire cable rubbing. Must admit I don't use the vang much except to put my foot against to push out the boom downwind in light weather. I can't ever remember cranking on the vang to anything like its potential. With the rotation I use, too much vang would "lock" the mast.

When a rudder is down there is sufficient length of rope on the deck so that the traveller car can run to the end of the track. So far no problem with the traveller car tangling with the rudder downhaul system. Only put the rudder downhaul system on the boat in early January. So about 12 races completed, mostly in light stuff, but no stuff up yet. Had a couple of races where the wind may have hit 18 knots, and had kicked up a big wind chop. The system is way nicer than the levers where I managed one stuff up after another. Especially easy to flick up one rudder from the mast end of the tramp.

Interestingly, unlike the H16, my Maricat is not happy going upwind with the windward rudder raised. But as soon as I head off the breeze all is well.

As Warrier indicated the old Maricat was able to embarrass the current number two PT in the country (and the other PTs, but who cares about them)in a couple of races. What he didn't tell you was that it was in super light wind and flat water - conditions where the Maricat performance is legendary. As soon as the breeze picked up Bruce (and to a lesser extent the other PTs) absolutely flogged me - one race by about 5 minutes. He soon put me back in my place!!!

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