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You guys must have shares in Adams sails.

Bern Leslie won Three Nationals using Cairns sails.

I'm a pretty average sailor,but with my Cairns main up I reckon I can sail at Least 5 minutes faster than with my fairly new retro sail.

You mari cat sailors who want an edge at the next Nationals(youll need it against the foam sandwich maris)should give Chris Cairns a call at the very least.

P.S I dont have shares in Cairns sails but like you guys that have Adams sails,I believe in his product.

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For those interested,

Currently I use a sail from Geoff Adams and am very happy with it, it uses a new contender ripstop material that I think performs better than the 5.4oz dacron typically used. On Sweet16 I used a sail by Kevin Flower and prior to that a sail from Lee. The sail from Kevin Flower was very good but the one from Lee Sails although it was well made does not measure in correctly. There are still some Chris Cairns sails being used and they also look to be a good sail.

I also do have a maricat sail from Glenn Ashby but I use this for F14 rather than maricat events... and yes, its excellent. Glenn is not currently a recognised maricat sailmaker (although it would be good if he was)

For maricat events I think that any of the sail makers listed are great including Eastwind Sails used by Bob Simpson in the Super Sloop class.

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I have a Geoff Adams sail for my 4.3 and got it in January. Although i am not entirly happy with its shape, it definatly had more boat speed than any other marie there. I didn't realise that the Pentex (rip stop) material was rough on one side. I think this could efect the performance one way but am not sure. Whats everyones thoughts?

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