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The sail is ok, the material is actually a ripstop dacron and not Pentex (although we seem to like to call it that). The material is new from contender and a few maricats have sails made from it now, it is used by Geoff Adams in making class legal maricat sails.

Zax and Humungus both use these sails and they were passed by the class measurer in January this year....

So, Revolution is fine.

Seems as though lachy had better watch out though smile.gif

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There are beginning to be too many Maricats to watch out for with the competition getting so good it seems like you have to look out every direction. Hope th Tanilba guys are getting some good sailing in though because when I next race them I don't want them to all be rusty like Mick was at states.

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Originally posted by revolution:

dear hood

are you getting scared that my sail is actually going to be unbeatable. hahahaha

also thanks alot j~merl you have helsped alot with my decision on ordering my new sail

Dear revolution and humungus.

I hear play school is still on at 7 am.

I rekon they could helSped alot.

Google for a spell checker and do us all a favour.

As for your sail being unbeatable i would put my money on anyone who can helSped themself in a good compertiton.

Lucky i'm not taking the piss out of you guys:P

Otherwise you might get upset. Talk to you after your afternoon nap.

I hear the wiggles are the go biggrin.gif

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Hey cj. Many top sailors and sports people have some difficulty in spelling, or is it just a typo because we are out getting our hands dirty instead of sitting in an office playing with a keyboard or anything else on or under the desk. No offence taken because I have big shoulders.

TANILBA MARI TEAM. Watch out for them! They have winning blood.

Spell Check is not functioning on this site.

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dear cj

i believe that you and hood should meet up you would make a great couple. me and hummungus are just having some fun. you and hood are so serious and need to lighten up and if our spelling really worries you you can re type it for us. love to see you on the water with my unbeatable sail. but just get a good look at the front of mine and hummungus,s boats because once that start gun goes of you wont see it again until you are on the shore!!!!!

p.s i herd you love the wiggles and thats why you no what time they are on

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i dont think anyone should talk to hood anymore as he is a nacra sailor and this is a maricat forum. unless hood has just taken that picture of a website. everybody look at the bottom of that picture and you will see half the adress to a website.hahahahahahahahaha

your a funny guy hood you no there is probably a forum for nacras

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Best way to settle these things is always on the water... although the forum can also be fun smile.gif

HooD, at the last AGM there was some discussion on how to encourage boats from interstate to attend National Title events. It is understood that the travel is costly etc. One of the items discussed was dropping the entry fee for interstate boats to help reduce the costs to participate. Do you know if this would encourage yourself or any of the other guys to attand the Nationals in 2006? Seems the Tanilba team is quite keen to give you a run (all in fun of course).

Still need some more pics from people for the new web site, ones that were sent to me previously from the Tas guys did not work, can they be sent again to jmerl@pentek.net?

Did anyone get some pics from the CHS? would be nice to get a story from there also if possible?


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Well Im off to the nacra nationals in 06. the expenses so far are:

$1550 for the ride accross on the boat.

$600 accomodation

$500 fuel

$320 entry fees

$700 food, beer, other.

you can sort of see in the scheme of things the entry fee's are not the major hurdles.

there are basically 2 competative mari's in the state, I cant see either of them turning up at a nationals. the fact is it would be cheaper for me to fly up, buy a boat to sail the nats and dump it on the side of the road when im done.

If there was any chance of rounding up some spare boats that arnt being sailed, that would be of more help.

I will send the pictures from tas again, broad band is going on at home shortly so i was going to try again then.



N5.8 + M4.3 sailor

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