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Repairing tramp track

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Two rivets have popped out at the rear of the cat and the rail has bent up.

To repair this do i need to completely remove the rail on that side and re-rivet the rail back in Or just re-rivet the 2 rivets that have broken?

Whats the method of getting the tramp back under the rail before riveting the rail back in - does not appear to be enough slack to pull it under into place before riveting

Idea of costs if i take it to be done professionally?

Advice/suggestions please



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You need to remove the tramp for this repair and re-rivet the 2 or 3 if the next one has started to come up then replace the tramp. there is not much slack, but it needs to be that way. The rope size on the tramp should be 8mm on the sides and 10mm at the front.

What most of us have been doing when this happens is to replace the aluminium track with caravan track. this is a much better fix and was used also by Wayne Barry on his multi National and State Title winning maricat.

Darcy from Mannering Park has done alot of these repairs.

Should be around $100 for a professional repair which would mean removing the track, preparing the glass underneath and re-riveting.

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I have a new tramp being made at the moment and was thinking the "Caravan" aluminium extrusion looks pretty solid. .any idea where you can buy some of this stuff? This might sound like a stupid question, but does it hurt your bum when you are hiking out?

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