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2006 Nationals - Nacra defector


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Hello Maricatters. I am a Nacra 16 square sailor. I regularly attend the Nacra Nationals, however this year they are in South Australia. If I don't sail a cat in some form of National title then I'm afraid I might explode or something. I am a Queenslander, and have looked at virtually every other class of cat, and you guys are the closest. I figure I can lay my hands on a Maricat somehow and sail your Nationals for a lot less money and hassle. I don't know if I'm man enough for the Maricat 4.3, but I am willing to chance it.

To make this plan come off I need the consent of my wife. We have a little sailor (2.25 years) who comes to the regattas with us. Is the Mari scene young family friendly (ie are there other little sailors likely to be there?). Would someone who is a regular from the fleet respond and re-assure me on this point and maybe provide some contact details.

If this looks good perhaps I can cajole some of my nacra chums into changing over for your Nats. I am working on getting Warren Guinea to come along and give the fleet some support from the manufacturer (plus his wife and daughter get along well with my wife and son).

Look forward to replies.


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I haven't raced recently with the Mari Assn. but traditionally they have always been a great family oriented group and knowing some of the people who still participate, I'm sure that still applies.

Warren should know, he's had a few contacts with the group over the years.


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Hi Jason,

All my family has flown the coop. I can tell you this year will be one of the most social, as the class is on a huge fast climb. The people involved do have young families and there are a lot of 15 20 year olds coming into it. They usualy have younger family members. I for one welcom the new blood and compertition that I know a Nacra sailor can give.


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Thanks for the words of encouragement, Humungus. Any tips on how to lay my hands on the Notice of Race. I would also like to know which "format" of boat is the most popular for one up sailors. This will help me know what sort of boat to look out for. I see on the Catsailor web site that boomless sails are available. Do many people sail them in that format? Also, I would like to lay my hands on the class rules. Anyone who can help me out here will earn themselves a beer come Nationals time.



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This is what ZAX posted 9 August. Yet to see update on our web site.

A Notice of Race is yet to be prepared. The dates are;

Monday 2 Jan 2006 Invitation Race in the afternoon

Monday 2 Jan 2006 Welcome BBQ

Tues 3 - Friday 6 Jan 2006 Variety of short & long courses between 8-12 races (yet to be programmed)

Fri 6 Jan 2006 Presentation dinner (venue to be decided)

I will be sailing 1 up cat rigged. Standard Mari rigg with boom. I had no idea that they where producing a boomless sail that would past the measurer for the nats. If this is the case, that is somthing to look at but it sounds like we are getting away from the standard cat. I would like to get a new set of foam sandwich hulls but 4k just to win! I don't think so. If you have a rug rat old enough you could go sloop and be very competative on an older boat. Don't know about the class rules but I would't be to worried.

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Judy has prepared a draft Notice of Race and Rick has finished the costings. When it is finished I will post it on the maricat website www.maricat.net

You will also find any rules and rigging tips on the site, If you get stuck for a boat we should be able to arrange something from the Mannering Park Sailing Club for you if you are travelling from Interstate.

But... no, boomless rigs would not pass measurement for the Nationals. The boats do have to pass measurement. It will also be necessary to have shrouds plastic covered.

Just because something is sold on catsailor does not automatically make it class legal.

The most popular class for one up sailors has been supersloop. This is one up with jib and optional trapese. The current National Champion does not use a trapese.

Cat rigged is gaining in popularity, this class currently has 2 of the newer foam sandwich boats racing which still need to weigh in at the class minimum weight or carry weights.

Should be a family friendly event, There are always young ones at the club including my 6 yo.

Sweet16 is one of the oldest Maricats still in existance at number 16 out of the factory, this boat finished 2nd in recent Nationals and would still be competitive next year.

hope this helps,

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