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2007 - Nationals in Queensland


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Some time back there was discussion on hosting the 2007 Maricat Nationals in Queensland.

Warren has been of some assistance with this and suggests the RQ in Brisbane. Would everyone be happy to try for that venue?

Since the Brisbane Catamaran Factory make both the Nacra and the Maricat, might be nice to try and hold an event together?

The following is the response from Warren;

"I will try and get the Maricat national titles put on our website.

We will try and come to your nationals as ours are the week before in Adelaide.

Everything has been going well at our end,it is good to hear that your new boat is still going well.

I would suggest RQ in Brisbane for a great professional club with great facilities etc,you can camp on the grounds.

Hervey Bay is a good holiday spot as well.

The Maricats in Queensland are just social sailors so i could not say how many we would get ,we would support it as much as possible.

The Nacras are holding there nationals at RQ that year i will send you down some costings etc,maybe we could join them together ,this might save some costs etc.

Talk soon.


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I would also go. If I am able to attend a Nationals (ie. time off work) then happy to go anywhere that suits others in the class. In the past the venue for the Nationals was shared around the different States. Ideally it would be the Queensland Maricat Association organising this, but we do have support from Brisbane Catamarans the maricat builder there.

Nice to have a Nationals in Tasmania one year also?

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Cannot confirm if Tony Zara will be attending the Nationals at Mannering Park on January 2nd - 6th.

Can confirm that he has been sailing recently and has new Adams sail/s. A younger member of the Zara family has also been spotted sailing recently on his own boat... so hope we will see Tony and family soon !

Havoc (Geff Reid) has also been spotted recently in sloop trim.. so the sloop fleet may be on the grow along with the recent growth in the cat class !

Rumours that Darren Bundock will be back on Maricats and attending this years series in the super sloop division are also not yet confirmed !

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