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ripped my jib


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Hey there guys and girls

I was sailing the other week off Nobbys in Newcastle in heavy wind and I had to furl my jib, anyway the wind caught it at the top and it was going nuts, flapping very violently.Anyway subsequently when I was pulling down the boat I noticed that the jib had a rip and that the cable that supports the jib had also snapped!!!!

My question is what sort of money am I looking at to get a repair and also, who replaces the cable, at the top there is stiching that supports the jib?

it is ripped about 2 inches in, and the edge which has a zig zag is also ripped for about 30cms, could I just dart it up myself on the sewing machine at home, or is this to dangerous?

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I used to sail off Alva Beach in north Queensland. Sea breeze was a bit novel to my old inland boat. The jib got torn along the join between two of the dacron panels.

I sewed it up with dental floss(waxed as it happens) carefully by hand, using zigzag stiches. That was 18 years ago and it still holding up OK. No harm in trying

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I tore my main sails in some heavy wind sailing over winter - took it to a local sail maker - good call - really good job and checked all over to ensure nothing else potentially wrong on the sail - something you would miss doing a home repair. Anyway as I recall the repair was about $60 and he found a batten for free - which I'd lost.

Definitely recommend getting it done professionally


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