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Height of boom from tramp Maricat 4.3

Captain Dad

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New to Maricat, and beachcats in general. We are in our mid 50's and wife would like to have the boom as high as possible.

I've been told that if it is up too high there is more of a chance of capsize (somehting she is also concerned about).

Speed isn't particulary important when out with her but not capsizing and having it as easy as possible to move around is.

Any input on keeping the boom as high as possible while being at a "less likely to capsize level" would be appreciate.

The mast has some numbers that I assume are used as indicators of settings for the boom. If this is common to Marricat 4.3s I guess you could use that as a reference in any replies.

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I would not be too concerned about the increased height of the boom and capsizing, you may wish to see a sail maker to cut you a reefing point further up the sail if you want it significantly higher.

Often the headboard at the top of the sail is cutaway and a new hole drilled in order to have the sail higher up the mast. You could do this modification yourself with a hacksaw and drill.

Also removing the boom vang may make it more pleasant for your wife. The boom vang is a rope/pully system between the botom of the mast and attached about 50cm from the front of the boom. The boat can be sailed fine without the vang.

Hope this helps !

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